It's Just the Coffee Talking: have a sick little one today

Good Morning Afternoon Friends....

Early this morning I had the most awesome post going in my head.  All that momentum (and even some of the topics) are long gone.  LOL

Anyway!  This morning I ended up with a sick little toddler.  We were in the car and although he had been sick this morning in uh, both ways 'sick' tends to come out of your body; he was ok through our drive and we were almost home.

And that is when the guy in a little gray truck in front of me decided to go realllllllly slow.   And then got even slower.  I think on purpose, just because there was someone behind him.  You know people like that too I bet. 

I wasn't right on his tail because I have panic attacks when the car I'm in (driving or a passenger) is too close to the car ahead of us, and I despise when a car is too close behind me.  Maybe it's because I'm the daughter of two parents in law enforcement but safety (and laws) are behind a big part of who I am.   So no... I wasn't riding his bumper but OH how I want him to HURRY THE F*$K UP.  

Why?  Because about 1 1/2  blocks from our home the little toddler started to gag and cough... and cry just a tiny little cry as he was trying so hard not to throw up.  And being so sweet about it - but it was scaring him because he didn't know what was happening.

I was so close to home that the timing would have been fine - as he would have started to get 'sick' just as we were pulling into the garage, where I could get him out of his car seat and walk into the house through the door right there, into the basement bathroom, and hold him while he got sick, comfort him and whisper that it was ok....

But NO.

This dick decided to drive OMG so slow when I realized he had another car behind him... just because he could.   And then he got even SLOWER which was hardly possible but he was going about 5 miles an hour and I thought surely he was getting ready to turn into a driveway - but he did NOT have a blinker on and I also didn't recognize his truck, so I knew it wasn't one of my immediate neighbors.

I'm holding my arm back to the car seat with a leftover Covid-era mask in my hand, holding it out to the baby, trying to use soothing, comforting words while saying "If you have to spit up, just use this baby, just spit up the yuckies in this if you can so you don't get it all over you..."  While they are scared and starting to cry and pushing it away saying "nooooooo"  because they didn't understand.  And I didn't have a bag or anything else to hand back to 'help' as a stray face mask was all I had available to grab.

But YES that dick-head guy DID end up turning... into the driveway across from me.   Without ANY BLINKER or letting me know he was turning.  I turned into my drive just as the baby started to gag and fight the urge to let it all come out....  I was racing up our (long) drive.  I got to the point where I was mostly at the top of the steep, long drive; threw the car into park, threw open my door, hit the unlock button as I jumped out of the car and raced around to the back side to open the door and get the little one unbuckled.  

Literally just as I had them in my arms, out came the 'sick' on the driveway.

While soothing and hugging, we walked over to the grass and there I stood, holding a little one bent over, quietly crying and spitting and gagging a little but then, as they looked up at me with a sweaty little face and red cheeks, said in the sweetest little voice "I done now.  I sick."  

I guess one thing to be thankful for is it was just vomit this go round.  The other came later.

That's how I started my morning.  :(    Poor little one.   (Who is currently sleeping again this afternoon after they hugged me, took my face in their little hands and asked to go 'nigh nigh' 'go seep' out of the blue, around 1:00.)


California asks residents to avoid charging their electric vehicles due to blackout risks with the electrical grid - RIGHT AFTER unveiling their new 'gas' car ban....  

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