It's Just the Coffee Talking: I found out my mouth ulcer was the adult version of "Hand, Mouth and Foot" disease that toddlers get - called a Coxsackie Virus

Mornin' Coffee Friends....

Yesterday I popped into the doctor's office to find out why I've had a sore throat for about 2+ months.  

I attributed the sore throat to allergies - and the runny nose/nasal drips that allergies bring.  I don't know WHAT I'm allergic to but between trees, pollen, grass, dust, etc. it could be anything.  Not a big deal. Except this dang sore throat.  But then I realized I had big old swollen lumps behind my ears, in my neck and the base of my skull.  They came and went; were big then small, but always there.

Anyway!  At the doctors.....

While going over my history of when the sore throat started, I mention in mid-May I got a rash like I get from my new-ish (2017) nickel allergy and how it normally just affects my neck, chest and jawline - sometimes goes up to my face but this time I broke out inside my mouth (?).  I told him I had a horrible sore throat, with sores on the roof of my mouth and throat.  

I told him I had wanted to see what it looked like and took a couple photos - and that I still had a couple of them on my phone.  I showed him the pictures on my cellphone... he immediately said "Oh, yes, that's an ulcer alright.  You had the Coxsackie Virus."  

The what virus?

So I got to learn something new.  And things kind of made sense because....

Mid-May was the 2 year olds birthday party and he played with a handful of children all afternoon.  They also shared cake and snacks.  About 2 days later he had a fever and a rash.

And I had a rash that week, I assumed was from either the nickle allergy or the allergic reaction I get from the adhesive on band-aids.  I had worn a tiny 1" band-aid on my leg for 24 hours and it was enough to start the blisters and reactions.  I assumed my face and mouth rash break out was from that.

NOW I know that my mouth ulcers (which hurt so bad, I almost have no words) were NOT from an allergy rash but apparently is the 'adult' version of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease - which is a very common rash the little ones get (I knew this) but had no idea the adult version of this Coxsackie Virus is ulcers in your mouth.

My mouth ulcer was pretty deep (and on the roof of my mouth) *thus; why it was so sore* but it started to close up later that week and healed just fine.  

So there ya go.  A rash on your neck and face, with mouth ulcers and blisters MAY just be the adult version of the children's common "hand, foot and mouth" disease - which is very contagious. He always shares his slobbery food with me and smothers me with kisses and baby spit... which is most likely how I got it that week. 

That DOES NOT explain my long term sore throat or swollen glands... but was interesting so I thought I'd share.

From May - July, I continued to think my sore throat was probably just allergy related but last week I was at the beach - with no trees/grass/pollen so while it should have cleared up - it FLARED up.  Bad.  My throat was on FIRE.  So I actually called and made a doctor's appointment at home FROM the beach on VACATION because it was so bad and I now knew it was not pollen or grass allergies causing it.

Currently:  As for the sore throat and glands and headaches;  don't know.  They did blood work, which will be back in about a week.  He also suggested a visit to the ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctor - which I may do - but I want to get the results from the blood test back first.

RAMBLE:  in the meantime, the only thing I've changed during this time is I started to drink various turmeric/ginger/ 'golden milk' tea in this same time period.  I had a brand I loved but ran out - I don't know what brand it was as I bought it at the last second at TJMaxx or Ross or someplace like that and they never had it again. 

I picked up a different brand in April, and I hated it, put it to the back of the cupboard and tried yet another bag but it's yet a different brand.  Still NOT as good as whatever the first one was, but I mix it with Chai tea and sugar free creamer so it's yummy - and have 1-2 a day.

Since this is the only food I started right around the exact same time as my sore throat/swollen glands and headaches, I'm stopping those for a couple weeks and taking a daily dose of apple cider vinegar with fresh garlic infused (natural anti-bacterials) so we'll see what happens over the next couple days.

The end.
For now.

Sorry for rambling on a bit, but you know;   It's just the coffee talking again.................

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