It's Just the Coffee Talking: if you are 18 years old in New York you can have surgery to cut off your genitals or breasts, you can serve in the military, you can vote, but you can't buy whipped cream

Morning, Coffee Friends....

It's Sunday morning. 

Mr. Coffee is working today and my plans (?) are to maybe get motivated enough to paint the last of the bathroom ceiling, do dishes, mop the wood floors, plant some radish seeds in a planter on the deck, research some birthday gift ideas for a family member that need to be mailed/shipped in time, and... hopefully look over some patterns and fabric and start on another sewing project.   In regards to the bathroom ceiling and the sewing, I usually stand and stare at it; take a deep breath, decide I'm not really motivated to tackle it right now and move on to something else.

We will see how much black, strong, hot coffee it takes me to get motivated to start my list today.

In the meantime, did you see that New York as now made it illegal for anyone under 21 to buy whipped cream?  


I bring this little tiny topic up because had this law been in place when I was got married, I would not have been able to buy whipped cream had it been on my weekly shopping list.  I was married younger than that so if I had wanted to make, say, strawberry shortcake with whipped cream... or put whipped cream on our pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, I could not have bought it because although I was married, I was not old enough to buy whipped cream.

New York has banned the sale of whipped cream canisters to a teenager or anyone under 21...

....but a child can get an abortion, which could possibly kill them, without their parents having to even legally know about it. 
....but a child can start transgendering without their parents knowledge.
....but at 18 that teenager can have surgery to cut off their gentiles or breasts (they just can't buy a can of whipped cream.)
....but a child of 18 is deemed intelligent enough to vote, rent an apartment, serve in the military and go to war. 
That 19 or 20 year old military soldier with his/her own apartment just can't buy a can of whipped cream.