It's Just the Coffee Talking: late afternoon coffee talk...... Revisiting Boy Meets World through the Pod Meets World Podcast

A surprise hello...  because I had no intention of chit-chatting this afternoon!  I'm sitting here with coffee - a small break before heading into the kitchen to start dinner.

This afternoon while I've been doing 'this and that and whatnot' I've been listening to the Pod Meets World podcast.   Well, trying to.  I have to keep pausing it because... life.  Which makes it really, really difficult to make it through an entire podcast. 

Now, I'm not a podcast kind of girl actually.  So this is not something you'll normally even hear me chat about!

I like to read, and enjoy doing that more than listening, but also, the two or three podcasts I tried to follow in the past, I've just found that I'm so busy that I immediately 'fall behind' and it's just so overwhelming to try to catch up.  I basically just throw my hands up in the air and say 'never mind....'  and don't attempt to try to find time to listen any more.  

It's like podcasts that come out with episodes at least twice a week are just setting me up for failure, and Lord knows I don't need to feel overwhelmed about one more thing in life... LOL.

(I've tried to follow a mysteries/supernatural podcast previously as well as a history-based one and The Office Ladies when they first came out with it.  I made it the farthest into that one before I just got busy with everyday life and honestly?  I forgot all about it - completely - until like, 4 or 5 months later and I went, "Hmmm, that's right!  I was listening to those! I forgot all about it... oh well, I'm too far behind now!"  Ha ha.

But this week, I don't even know HOW I stumbled upon them, but I fell down a rabbit hole somewhere and before I knew it, I was playing them in the background in the evenings while I did some research and things online.

I heard them say the series started in 1993... oh my goodness.  That was a long time ago!  I don't actually think I watched it in 93' though.  I know I watched in 1996 and 1997 and I'm sure I probably did watch it earlier, I just don't recall specific memories of doing so.

But I'm finding it fascinating to listen to the memories and background stories and information.  I loved that about The Office as well; I am interested in the stories and information and it doesn't even really have to be about the series!   

It's just that I love human interest stories, love hearing about how they got hired for the jobs, how they felt, stories that were funny or nerve wracking and all the stars that sat in the 'death chair' and never came back for a second episode.  

I used to like the show, although my interest was lost after they went away to college, I like a million other people still followed to find out what happened to Topanga and Cory and of course their wedding, etc.  

A lot of their stories, the phrases, the people, the other popular tv references, the jokes and the clothing all are bringing back a giant wave of memories for ME too... "Oh my gosh, I forgot about how popular teal and purple clothing was back then!"  "Oh man, I remember that everyone had those plaid, flannel, button-up hoodies then!"  etc.

I'm having fun reliving their memories and stories with them, learning new things, remembering old things and just listening to what amounts to a few friends sitting around, chatting (while I sip my coffee).  

Seriously, so far (I'm about 9 podcasts in now)  I fell like we are all just sitting around in a coffee shop, chit-chatting over coffee as we talk about a bunch of memories from the early 90's.

I can't promise I'm going to follow through and keep up - I'm trying to 'catch up' right now but thankfully they just started these last month so I'm not too far behind yet, LOL, but I'm enjoying it for now and enjoying remembering how much I used to like watching Boy Meets World on Friday nights (along with Sabrina The Teenage Witch)!   

... and my coffee is done, my husband is due home soon and I have dinner to go make.  Thanks for popping in and having coffee with me!
















Boy Meets World: The Complete Series 

Ben Savage (Actor), William Daniels (Actor), Jeff McCracken (Director), David Trainer (Director)