It's Just the Coffee Talking: Monday Morning - rocket launches, and an interview on life in North Korea (Updated: no launch today - scrubbed)


Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I can't believe... it's Monday. 

I seriously had to check as I sat down to write this mornings coffee talking post.  Monday.  For real.

That pretty much sums up how my weekend went.  It went all right, but I have little to show for it.  I planned to accomplish so much, while I did very little on my list.  

Random Coffee Chat... (UPDATE:  it was scrubbed and will try again Friday )

Did you see there is a big NASA launch going on today?  It isn't manned, but it is mannequined.  See what I did there?  They have 3 dummies strapped in that can record and report the vibration, temperatures, etc. for this moon orbit, and the plan and hope is for another possible moon landing in 2025-ish. 

It's funny that as a kid and up until the past few years I never had the slightest interest in space.  I know a lot of kids think about space, becoming astronauts, have interest in the planets and stars... nope.  Not even a smidgen.  I learned what I had to all through school, did what I had to, tested on what I had to.  Zero interest.  

It wasn't until I was an adult that I grew interested in space.  I actually was interested in Quantum Theory which led down a rabbit hole where I grew interested in black holes... and my interest in space grew from that.

I still don't have a strong interest in it, but I am now interested enough to pay attention. LOL.



Born in North Korea, Yeonmi Park shares her harrowing journey to escape the hunger, thought control, and violence she experienced living under authoritarian regimes. Grateful to have found acceptance and justice in the United States, she cautions Americans to see the warning signs—here in America—of the communist nightmares she fled in North Korea and China.

In North Korea there is no word for love, so my parents never told me that they loved me.

The first thing my mother told me when I was younger was 'don't even whisper because the birds and the mice could hear you' - we never knew who was a spy.

Seeing dead bodies in the streets, that was my daily life.

All we are thinking every single second is how do we eat?

You do not own yourself in North Korea, you are owned by the state.  (What you read, what you watch, what you listen to... you do not decide what you wear; wearing jeans is a sign of capitalism and you'll go to prison).

40 million Chinese men can't find wives because of China's one-child policy, so now, in poor villages, the men will buy one woman, rape her continuously until she dies, and then buy another woman to take her place.

I knew nothing about the rest of the world.....

There is no word for compassion.  They got rid of the word in the dictionary so we didn't know it existed. 

We were taught America was our sworn enemy and we had to kill them if we see them.

On her son:  The best thing I could have given to him was American citizenry.  

On New York Schools:  "America was founded on the racist of bigotry and racism!"  This is being FED to American minds every day!  There is no room for debate!  They support Socialism!  Have you learned nothing from history?!  Capitalism brought you internet!  Electricity!  The clothes you are wearing!"

I get censored on YouTube and Twitter because I talk about China.....  I never in my life in AMERICA thought I'd have to fight for freedom of speech!