It's Just the Coffee Talking: my state says they need substitute teachers but their site is full of dead links and needed 'letters' from school admin (of which I know none)

Good Morning - it's Tuesday!

A work day for me so I'm going to hurry and finish this coffee while it's semi-hot and then type quickly.

Random coffee chit-chat:  I have been interested in substitute teaching for a few years now but due to my work schedule, I can't.  However, having Mondays 'off' have often made me think that maybe I should get my substitute teaching license and do subbing on Mondays.  I've looked into it many, many times but never started the process.

Last week I decided to look into it a little closer.  I started at the school district level and found the company the state works with for hiring subs.  Once I started the process and got through the basics of making an account, I clicked on my state to start the official process of the background checks, finger printing, filling out the official application and the most important; getting licensed in my state.

And that is where things came to a halt for now.  Because... seriously?  If you really, really NEED substitute teachers as badly as you SAY you do... then please update your dead links on your pages.

The first dead link was to the official page to apply for the LICENSE.  The biggest and most important.
Dead link; dead page.  Clicking around the site for a minute or so didn't reveal their 'new' page or link for it either.  Actually, it looks like the official page I need is on a different site url. 

I skipped that for 'now' and was going to go back to it.  

I clicked on another link for another part of the process and it too was the wrong link.  Right site, but dead link and not the page you need.

Now I was smirking.   Seriously?  This is the best you can do? 

The fingerprint link worked to bring you to a page that lists a LOT of places/links and you have to find the correct one for your area but at least the link wasn't dead.

The final thing that morning that made click away and decide to do all this 'later' is that in the list of mandatory things needed on the official application is a LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION FROM THE ADMINISTRATION of one of the schools in your district.

Ok?  Um, I don't know anyone in that capacity.  I don't have kids in these schools and I wasn't born and raised in this area (I'm from another state, across the country).  I don't know anyone here really.  So in order to get this I suppose I have to walk into a random school or two in this district and 'cold call' on them and ask them to write a letter for my application to be a substitute teacher one day a week... because they need them so badly that they make this process difficult and provide you with dead links and mandatory letters from people that don't even know you.







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