It's Just the Coffee Talking: The potter wasp and its tiny, perfect little pot, 6 emoji's that are you and the lies and fear mongering by democrats over abortions is just... mind boggling

Good Morning!

Earlier this week I was out by my planters inspecting my poor tomato plants, that were pretty much devastated by tomato worms while we were on vacation (because I wasn't here to pick them off - they ate and ate and ate some more... grew to about 4-6 inches long and ate half the tomatoes as well as stripping the leaves from the branches but anyway!) ... inspecting the plants.

I found the coolest little perfect 'clay pot'.  Picture a little Barbie doll pottery for the Barbie Dream House kind of pot.  What a great little find! 

It's actually made by the same wasps I mentioned previously when I posted photos of the tomato worms with the white wasp larva on their backs - which the wasp lays eggs in the worm, they grow into larva, which in turn eat the worm as they grow.



So this is made by a Potter Wasp....


Potter Wasp - tiny mud pottery made by wasps

I think it originally was attached to a tomato branch but it had fallen and was laying lopsided on the soil below.  I inspected and took photos but laid it back down on the soil. 




On social media last weekend I saw a 'thing' where people post the most used 6 emoji's from their phones and that is your 'real life' you.  Since I don't actually DO social media like that, I didn't take part but for fun I looked up my most used 6 emojis.   

Lastly, when I see crap like this (McCaskill spreading lies and rumors and fear-mongering that the GOP will have dogs sniffing women at airports to see if they're traveling to have abortions) is just - mind blowingly stupid.  Seriously?  OMG.  Stop the lies.  Just... stop.  Are you listening to yourselves?

Go have some morning coffee and enjoy your day.

It's just the coffee talking again.....