It's Just the Coffee Talking: 'Smart' Coffee Mugs - you control the temperature with your smart phone and it stays hot all day

Good Morning!

I'm procrastinating starting my day 'off' by coming here to chit-chat over coffee (in my favorite 'The Office' Dwight 'false' coffee mug).

Speaking of coffee mugs... did you know there is a temperature controlled smart mug?  

There are a few different brands, but one of the better known is the first;  Ember.  

The Ember Temperature Controlled Smart Mug (linked for you if you are interested) can keep your coffee (or whatever drink you wish but obviously - mine is COFFEE)  hot for 1 1/2 hours using it's built-in battery - or all day if you use the coaster.

I don't own an Ember Smart Mug because they are over a hundred bucks... and well, that just isn't going to happen in my life right now.  But it's interesting and worth noting on the Coffee blog! 

Plus - there are other brands that are under that price point as well if you are interested in this sort of thing.

It has a couple things that could be deal-breakers:  

It only goes up to 145 degrees
It has to be hand washed

I don't mind the hand-washing but some might. 



    They have black, white, stainless steel, copper bronze and a beautiful rose gold!









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