It's Just the Coffee Talking: So, my internet only works on many sites WITH a VPN turned on; and my McCafe coffee isn't cutting it - give me Sumatra

Good Morning!

First - 'coffee' talk.   Ok, so I had to buy coffee at Sam's a couple weeks ago and I just couldn't get myself to spend $42 for the box of dark, strong roast I wanted (Sumatra) when the McDonalds McCafe was on sale.  Like, $29 for a box of almost 100 k-cups. 

We had had McCafe before and it was fine... so I caved.  And I've regretted it.  But I had a box of Sumatra in the 'emergency' storage cupboard so I raided it and have been enjoying hot, strong, black Sumatra coffee all weekend.  

This morning I was busy trying to get my internet to cooperate and my coffee got cold.  Y'all know I don't drink cooled down coffee.  I also won't waste coffee - so instead, I decided to brew another k-cup into it to heat it up.  But I again felt guilty using another Sumatra up, and since I already had Sumatra in the cup, I thought a McCafe to make it hot (brewed at the 6 oz size) would be... fine.

And it kind of wasn't. 

So now, I have internet working, I was able to get here, I have time to chit chat over morning coffee but... my coffee isn't making me happy.  And it's just kindof sitting there.  Getting cold again.  LOL.


I mentioned yesterday how odd it was to me that I can only reach certain websites if I'm using a VPN. 

The complete opposite of what I would expect, and the opposite of what most people experience.

I did quickly do a search this morning and found this on a message board answering someone with the EXACT SAME QUESTION I HAD about why I can only reach certain (safe, boring, everyday) sites WITH a VPN but not without it....



So therein may lay my answer. 



A 12 week old unborn baby...  those little fingers, and fingernails... and that little button nose.  :)

I like this coffee shop sign.  :)





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