It's Just the Coffee Talking: Sumatra Dark Roast coffee in k-cup style pods


Good Morning Coffee Friends....

Coffee Talk:  This week I headed back to the membership warehouse to pick up the dark roast Sumatra.  I tried to drink a less expensive coffee these past few weeks because the budget is oh-so-tight but, no. 

A good cup of coffee can really start your day off right and forcing myself to drink coffee that is... fine... but not what I want is just such a let down.

(Side-note:  they did change the box colors and design.  They went from a dark purple and black to a teal and black, along with a bit of design difference and labeling.  Personally I liked the dark purple better, but they never asked me my opinion before they did it, so I guess I'll just have to live with the ugly 1992-era looking new Starbucks Sumatra box design.)  

I really don't like giving Starbucks my business... but their Sumatra dark roast really is good.  Amazon also has their own version of Sumatra dark roast in k-cups and I'm tempted to try theirs to see if it has similar flavor.  That doesn't solve the issue of trying to support smaller coffee companies - but I haven't found a dark roast Sumatra in k-cup style pods that I like and is affordable yet.


Starbucks Dark Roast - Sumatra


Amazon's version of Sumatra Dark Roast

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