It's Just the Coffee Talking: A tiny, kind thank you for my mail person and my garbage collectors - "Cookies for everyone!"

Good Morning Coffee Friends....

A couple weeks ago I intended to make cookies as a Thank You for our mail person.  I had a couple cookie ideas in mind so I made the dough and popped it into the freezer to cut out later.   I didn't have the cookie cutter I wanted and they don't sell them in retail stores so I knew I'd have to order it. 

While looking online for the cookie cutter, I realized I should use half the dough for cookies for the garbage guys too.  They've only been our trash company for about 6 months and I know the work is long, hard and hot.  I found a couple cookie cutters that would work for what I had in mind for the mail lady and our trash guys but I didn't have the $20 to order them so I was waiting for that Friday (payday). 

But after I paid just some of the bills waiting, the money was gone.  So I revamped my cookie idea to one I could make cookie cutters and everything I already had.  This would work for my mail lady but it was a little girly for the trash guys (think; flowers).  Then I didn't have time to do the intricate decorating anyway so I revamped the idea again to something simpler and faster that would work for both the mail lady and the garbage men.  

A longer story made a tiny bit shorter... they turned out  perfectly and today was the day I'd try to get them to everyone.

Early this morning I was scrambling to find cute containers, design and print off a 'thank you' of some sort on the computer and get it ready. 

I had to leave the house by 7:10, and at 7:00 I was just entering the kitchen to try to find the containers and hadn't printed off the thank you labels yet.

I had to hurry because for the last 3 weeks in a row, the trash truck had apparently changed their route and started to come down my street extra early.  I needed to be able to 'meet' them and hand it to them because I thought leaving it on the top of the trash wasn't a good idea for many obvious reasons.

I had some comedy of errors moments going on this morning but in the end, it was accomplished.  The guys working the street getting the cans seem to change literally every week or two, as I think most of them quit, so my cookies didn't necessarily go to the guys who were working through 100 degree heat over the past 2 months but... they seemed very thankful and appreciative.

I left the cookies for the mail lady in the mail box with the flag 'up' and her name wrote on the thank you paper... I've tried to get cookies to her in the past and Murphy's Law always found me; as it was always a substitute driver on that day.  I asked her how to be sure she gets them and she said if I write her name on them, she would probably get them even if it was her day off.  They'd hopefully take them back to the post office and leave them for her.   We have our doubts... LOL.  But I'm trying.  

So that was my busy hectic morning, and I was running about 12 minutes late in the end but getting the cookies and packaging and labels ready for everyone was worth it.

I think every tiny, kind thing you do for another person, in one way or another, is worth it.


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