It's Just the Coffee Talking....... Trying a new 'big bed' today - although the crib is still there just in case....

Good Morning!

This morning (it's still morning now as well) I posted and I was bugged, grumpy.  But I realized I really, really wanted to eat.  That is weird for me because I don't usually want or like breakfast.  I'm not in the least bit hungry - I just want coffee.  I don't usually get hungry until around 1:pm, which is when I'll eat.

I found myself thinking about being hungry - but I was busy and kept putting it off.  Finally it marched right up to the front and center part of my brain and said "feed me!".   Oh!  I'm sorry!  I didn't really notice you there!  I mean, I saw you, but was so busy I kept forgetting to acknowledge you!  Hellllooooo hunger!  Let's take care of that!

So I went and made breakfast.  Eggs, bacon and low carb toast. 

Boy was I in a better mood!  Ha ha.



I'm trying to do some tasks, but can't really, as I keep looking at the baby-cam.  We have a 2 year old trying a big bed for the first time today and I keep watching to make sure they are ok, still sleeping, haven't gotten up out of bed, etc.

Knock on wood quickly because it went really, really smooth......   ?

Wasn't even the least bit interested in the crib... wanted to go right into the new big bed.

They laid right down, giggling the whole time, and we commenced to 'tuck in' like normal...  and then?

I was apparently dismissed to leave.  So I did!

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