It's Just the Coffee Talking: VPN's are the only way I can connect anymore, and a crazy busy morning full of 'stuff' means it's almost noon by the time I even got here. Sorry.

On this day - August 15, 2021 - The Fall of Kabul.

The Taliban force their way into Kabul after Afghanistan President Ghani fled the country stating the insurgents have “won.” It took just 9 days for the Taliban to take the entire country.  





Good Morning Coffee Friends

It's almost noon, but I'm making it by the skin of my teeth so I can still say good morning

And yes, I do have yet another fresh coffee in hand. (Hostess Twinkie flavored Coffee - k-cup pods this time)  I believe this is cup number 5 if I'm being truthful. 

And I always am truthful. 
Sometimes it's a fault.

I attempted to blog early this morning as is more routine.
However, my awful internet connection would not allow that.

This sent me on a busy morning that was not at all what I had planned for today. 

  • It is a DNS issue.
  • The long story has too many details.
  • The short version is that running our computer on a VPN completely takes care of the issue.

Another side note:  our cellphones rely on our wifi connection because of where we live.

This morning got busy with 26 different things dealing with that whole issue in general (with router/modems, reboots, laptops, 2 cell phones, VPN's, settings, log-in issues and more).

In the middle of this was also dealing with family members discussing house hunting, updates, offers, questions... and then when I let the dog out to go potty before breakfast, she glanced up to see me on the deck (which means she knows she doesn't have to run inside right away) but I was in the middle of a hugely frustrating cell phone issue of trying to download the VPN app for one of the phone but couldn't because I could not get a connection by cell OR wifi (obviously).

And the dog went trotting off into the woods on a 'walk' and didn't come later when I realized she was gone and not answering my whistle.

I had no internet connections working correctly, a family member who just got word they lost the house to another offer that said they'd buy it without an inspection, the dog was missing, I was waiting on a phone call to see if anyone had read the MRI scan we had done this weekend for a life changing medical issue and more....

Yes, even more.

It's now almost noon.
The dog came back and thankfully had only waded through the creek this time; did not come home covered in dirty wet mud and water (so that is one good thing).

I'm mentally and emotionally done for the day and it's not even really started.