It's Just the Coffee Talking: Waking from a dream that feels so real you are sick to your stomach and can't decide if it really happened or not

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Do you have a recurring dream 'topic'?  Not necessarily the same dream, but the topic, that presents itself over and over in your dreams, in different storylines?

I have two recurring dream topics that have plagued me for years.  This week they were both in the same dream.

Boy, my subconscious is really trying to freak me out.  These are the kind of dreams where you wake up and you have to convince yourself it wasn't real, it didn't really happen.

One of my recurring topics is my billfold or purse being opened, rifled through, and all my ID, information and my credit and debit cards being stolen.  

Over the years my brain has replayed this particular topic in airports, schools, doctor's offices, libraries, bathrooms and more.  Over and over, the sudden realization I don't have my purse, then I see it laying on the windowsill, behind a couch, on a table...  I briefly feel a sense of relief, it wasn't stolen or gone through.

But as I get closer I notice the zipper open, or the flaps open... and my stomach drops.

I open my billfold to find my ID and all my cards and everything in it... gone.  I mentally figure out the thief has had 2, 5 or 10 hours to have used all my cards and info and I scramble to find a phone (usually a pay phone or a phone on a desk) and try to remember the number of the credit card companies and banks but... of course I don't know them.

Or I know the number to call but I repeatedly hit the wrong buttons with my fingers and have to hang up and start over again.  Over and over and over....

All this time with a nauseated feeling in my stomach and my mind racing at how much damage has been done, and how many years this damage is going to affect my identity and credit....

And I wake up.

Most of the time I know it was a dream and I can shake off the feeling that I'm going to throw up.

A few times the situations were so real I literally had to go check my purse and/or my billfold to make SURE it didn't happen in real life because the storyline was so real.

This time, my brain ramped it up a notch.

In my dream, high schoolers had found my purse left on the couch in a medical clinic/library/concert hall where I had been sitting when I was called in for a mammogram and had forgotten my purse until I had finished and started to walk home with my daughter's dog.  I realized I forgot my purse and went racing back into the building only to find the high schoolers that had been sitting there were gone and my purse was laying pushed between the back of the couch cushions.  

It had been rifled through and everything stolen.  I calculated they had had about 6 hours to use the cards and I didn't know the number to call for the card companies as it's written on the back of the cards that I didn't have anymore.

But as I dug into my purse I pulled out my husbands wallet.   
He had put it into my purse for me to carry and safe keeping so it wasn't in his pocket. 
I slowly opened it and... dang.
The thieves had emptied out his wallet as well.
I wanted to throw up.

And I woke up.

And that is how I started my morning!  Ha ha.
Oh my subconscious mind... it likes to mess with me.
 Mother Angelica - American Roman Catholic nun of the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration and
the founder of  television station EWTN

"You know what's so strange to me is that we're not even concerned about abortion anymore. 
Everyone seems so tired of hearing about it....
They take scissors and puncture the back of the baby's head and take the brain out.
Do you know that?  And you're gonna vote for people who approve of that?
How can you do that?"


Another side note:  I had no idea country music 'stars' and celebrities fought and gossiped like high school and junior high.

Country singer Maren Morris showed her stupidity when she publicly tweeted to Candace Owens (a conservative author and political commentator) a mean tweet apparently believing an insane rumor she heard and believed about making a housekeeper wear a long shirt when she cleans her house.

The fact that mean girl celebrities believe this crap and gossip about stuff like this makes you realize how much a junior high mentality these people have.

Candace admonishes her and other people -
do not get your information from Tik-Tok!



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