It's Just the Coffee Talking: you can skip this morning's coffee talk - it's really boring! (And a tiny update)

Good Morning Friends...

I only have a moment before my 'last chance' alarm goes off as a reminder to hurry but I did want to say hello.  Coffee in hand, but I think I may brew one more the very second I hit 'publish' this morning, so it will be ready to grab as I run out the door a few minutes later.

This morning I have an errand I'm mentally trying to figure out how and when I can 'fit in' with my morning commute and tasks.  The store doesn't open until 9:am, which doesn't work for me - but I think maybe it could if enough other things fall into place first.  Doubtful, but I'd like to get this errand ran if I can.

Not commenting on anything in the news this morning... I'd like to try to keep a positive outlook this morning and not ruin my day this early, so I checked other accounts and sites while I sipped coffee, but did not even venture into the realm of propaganda, hate and lies uh, I mean the national and world news.  

Yesterday I did end up getting the outside windows washed and finished painting the bathroom ceiling.  Although I didn't much else of importance, I did get those two things done, which I've been putting off.  (I had repainted the bathroom about 2 months ago already? But I put off painting the last of the ceiling in the tiny water closet area (the toilet closet area) as it's small, and it's difficult to fit the ladder in there as it has to straddle the toilet and the legs go tight up against the two side walls; and it is instantly hot with the light on - which also dries the paint so quickly all the little marks or grooves are dry and it's hard to paint fast enough to get it perfect.)  But it's done.  It wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined it to be... and it went quickly.  I was just unmotivated to do it I suppose.

I am now running late to hurry and rush out the door to start the day - but THAT is normal most of these mornings I start to chat randomly over morning coffee, isn't it?  

.... it's just the coffee talking again.

UPDATED:  well... I DID make the errand happen, and I was happy... but it was naught.  The store didn't even have the advertised items so it was a bust.  Waste of time, gas and ultimately, $5 more because I bought a small book we didn't really 'need' but a little toddler loves.  

Now I'm sipping some coffee and gathering my thoughts - going to get busy on the task here in a moment.  Just thought I'd pop in since I was sitting here sipping some strong, hot, black coffee.

For those are a bit nosy and wanted to know what I was going to the store for... Ollies Outlet ad said they had the Titan Series Marvel 12" Super Heroes.  I was hoping to get Spiderman, Captain America Ironman and Thor as they had them advertised for $5 each.  They only had 2 figures in stock, but without the two main characters I wanted, it seemed a waste since I couldn't get the rest.

I decided I'd rather just pay a little more to get all of them at once and be done with it - I knew Walmart and Amazon would have them.  And they do.   I can't buy them yet (money is really tight this Fall) but I know they are there so maybe at some point before Christmas.  :)







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