It's Just the Coffee Talking: blog-hopping old blogsites: 20 hour 'full time' work weeks in NY, and never updated blogs that left me wondering what happened?

Good Morning Coffee Friends....

So many random thoughts in my head right now while I'm trying to compose a coffee-chat post!

I was rambling around the internet and blog hopping on old site lists (most of which were either dead links or hadn't been updated since the days when blogging was a thing..) but I stumbled across some interesting stories and people none-the-less.

One of blogs was someone who had previously lived in New York but had moved to a Southern state to be closer to extended family.  They were talking about how much money they had previously made in NY and how easy it was to make more money there because they were a 'teamster'. 

They said their 'normal' full time work week was about 20-30 hours.  (This wasn't part-time, this was their full time job.)  But whereas the rest of the country tends to work 40-60 hours 'full time' their work week was 20-30 hours tops.  However, this person would often volunteer for more hours because due to their union rules, anything over 'normal' working hours (20-30) was considered overtime so they were paid time-and-a-half. They stated they could make tons of money this way.
I can't even comprehend a 20 or 30 hour work week being full time pay... 

On a similar note though - of course the Covid plandemic changed how a majority of people 'work' (or should I say don't work?).  Not the poor sods in the trenches of healthcare and retail, but the next step up the ladder.  Those who have 'worked' from their homes for the past 2 1/2 - 3 years now.  Those who 'work' while sipping a beer in their backyard, next to the pool by simply texting something every once in a while to look busy and log in for a Zoom meeting once a week.

I have a couple 'extended' family members down the 'family tree' a little ways, who have spent the last 3 years traveling and basically just vacationing the whole time. During that time I remember they texted us out of the blue once to ask 'hey, what are you doing the week of....."  because they thought they'd 'come visit'.  


This person and their immediate family were so used to 'working from home' (read:  traveling on mini vacations every other week, hanging out by the pool, drinking, sleeping, playing video games all day) that they kept forgetting the rest of the country was you know, actually working.  I guess they ran out of domestic places to go and people to visit since they were reaching out to us to come visit and they've never, ever came to visit before.  Ha ha.

Well, they did come to the weekend family gathering we hosted last summer - I asked how in the world they were doing their job when all it seemed they had done for the past year was travel and vacation? 

They said "Oh, it's easy.  I just keep an eye on the group texts everyone sends back and forth, chime in once in a while, and I have to do a Zoom meeting once a week - which I can do from anywhere!  It's great!  I just sit around drinking, having fun, traveling, do whatever I want and I get paid for it!  I love working from home!  I'm making sure I never have to go back to the office!" 

Another random thought from a blog...  it was a short lived blog of less than a year and apparently they had had cancer at some point in their past.  They didn't talk about medical issues as a main topic, but mentioned little updates in passing.  A CT scan here.  A doctor's appointment there.  Then one post had a mention of how excited they were about their new doctor and medical clinic.

The final post said they had gotten news the day before that their doctors waited too long to act on some issues with their liver, and by the time they took notice it was too late; their cancer had spread throughout their body.  They joked they could die tomorrow or ten years from now, no one knew how much longer they had left.

And that was the last post on their site.  Never updated.  They've been on my mind ever since. 



This is all just the coffee talking again.  Thanks for joining me for chit-chat over coffee.



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