It's Just the Coffee Talking: Delivery Snafu updates and thinking about an Autumn Garden this year

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

It's later than I anticipated, but here I am... fresh brewed cup of coffee (the third of the morning so far). 

Early this morning I was up, trying to hurry to enjoy a 'quiet' house before anyone else was up.  I decided to go through emails first and get those of the way.

With that comes a little update on the delivery address snafu.  LOL.

As you know, my original order was split into 3 different deliveries - and 2 of those were coming direct from other companies.  I can't personally change a delivery address, so only the SHIPPER can change it.  So here is my update(s) so far with days of phone calls, emails and working on this.
First Company:  Let's just re-ship a replacement order out.  If the original comes back undeliverable, that's fine, if they actually somehow get it delivered, just keep the item, donate it or recycle it.  

Second Company:  We can't change the delivery address for security reasons but we can change it to a 'pick up at the facility'.   We'll let you know when it arrives and he/she can just go pick it up.

Third Company:  We already shipped it.  Nothing we want to do about it.  If there is anything else we can help you with, just let us know.


Random Thoughts:

Autumn Garden:  We used to live in the frozen tundra, where winter comprised about 7 months, it still snowed in spring all the way up until May and our summer growing season was short and hopeful.   We live elsewhere now, and I've had to rethink my mindset on gardens.  I can't grow anything well in spring because of a nasty fungus in the air and soil that is relentless.  6+ years of fighting it with everything and every process known to man.  I still attempt but nature laughs at me. 

However, with a little scientific research going on, I'm embarking on a bit of a 'Fall' garden this year as it seems that killer fungus is a little less prolific or at least spreads slower in the Autumn.  I am doing a little bit of planting of various items last week and this week to see what the outcome is and if a 'Fall' Garden might be my new lifestyle here; having to give up the traditional spring and summer planting.

Today:  I can't do in ground gardens where I live, so I'm regulated to above ground options but because of my interest in researching the growth potential of a different planting season, I'm debating investing in another large garden planter like the 2 I bought in the spring.  They are heavy duty, good quality and large and deep enough that I actually got an ok yield of tomatoes and cucumbers from them in some of my trials.  

I originally bought two heavy duty plastic versions a couple years ago, but this past spring they were impossible to find and out of stock everywhere, so I went with a different kind that was wood/metal and heavier duty as well as being larger. 

For those wondering - here are the two versions I own and am rambling on about.....

This is the first version of above ground, waist high planter I first bought about 3 (?) years ago.  They worked well for most items and are semi self-watering, as well as having an outlet for excess water in heavy rains, and a gauge so you can see if they need water.  It's made by Keter and although I found the XL size at Sam's Club, you can find Keter products available through Amazon here.  

This year however, when I couldn't find the Keter Urban style in stock anywhere, I completely changed course and went with a larger, heavy duty version I found at Tractor Supply.

I know a lot of my readers prefer Amazon links - but I don't see this exact version available through them.  However there are many other waist-high raised beds you can choose from if that's your thing. 

It's huge.  It's heavy.  It's a commitment.  Know this before you purchase this style.  It's going to be bigger than you think, and so heavy, that you can't even think of moving it even an inch when it's filled with soil.