It's Just the Coffee Talking: The delivery snafu where the mail carrier just returned to the same 'wrong' address instead of a redeliver to the correct address. LOL.

(tiny update at the bottom...)

Good Morning friends...

I'm not sure how I feel about today yet.  Things are underway, and I'm busy but my mind has a lot on it, I have a list of things to do, things I hope could be done, things I need other people to do and things that have to be done but I'm not sure when they can be.  Or by who.

Delivery Updates???  Why yes.  A little one.

The 'redeliver' to the correct address, promised by the post office lady was not fulfilled.  Apparently the mail carrier went to the same wrong address; no building exists, so he marked it undeliverable. 

I have a strong suspicion the mail carrier glanced at the 'new' address but 'saw' the old address and didn't note the one digit change. 

(It was an address like this;    6698 should have read 6998)

I had been in direct contact with the company - the "too bad, so sad" company for those following the story - and my last email said to them "As the shipper I'm sure you got the USPS final update that the package was marked undeliverable and is being sent back to you.  Could you please resend the item to the correct address?"

Nope.  They won't.  But I can reorder and pay for another one.  And they will start a refund process.

That was yesterday morning and no 'refund process' has been started so far.

(The 2 original lost items are still lost somewhere.  The other 3 have been delivered and opened. Done.)


Tiny update - not really an update but something I think is almost funny about the last order and the company not just sending out another.

Without knowing the item or how much it costs, etc. you might think I was ordering something that might have been large, bulky, burdensome or expensive. 


The company that was the only one that wouldn't contact USPS to update the address (as the retail seller is the one who has to do this for security reasons)

Is a multi-million dollar company. They do 20+million items in in sales a year.

And the item they won't simply resend?  (But I 'can place a new order' while I wait for them to start on a refund....)   it's a t-shirt that sold for $17.99.   LOL.

It's not an item for $300.  It's not huge, difficult or expensive.  It's a t-shirt under twenty bucks.






Oh the irony....    When you need a gas generator to charge your 120K electric super car because the grid is overloaded. 









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