It's Just the Coffee Talking: delivery update for those wondering... LOL. (Still a mess)

Hello Coffee Friends...

I have no idea how the day is getting away from me... I finally made it here though.

This morning someone I know of in Southern Cali was doing the 'head shake' at the stupidity of it all when they said sure, their current asinine government leaders can pass all these 'green' idea laws... their state is the largest importer of electricity.  So while they look good to other idiots listening to the speeches or reading the news headlines of his latest law (to those who aren't thinking things through), the realism is that they import more electricity than anyone else and that isn't going to slow down or stop.

He mentioned his power company was threatening hour long 'black outs' would soon be implemented because their electricity grid can't take it; yet in the past week they've announced they won't be allowing gas powered vehicles to be sold in the state in the near future and they've already banned gas powered generators and lawn equipment.  But guess what?

With the mandatory power outages, guess what everyone has to do?  Use their GAS powered generators that they bought before their governor went stupid.  

As you can tell, my online friend is no fan of the stupidity.  He just shakes his head... how did we get this far?  How much farther can this keep going?

I know the whole country is experiencing an awful time right now... but I'm so thankful we got out of Cali years ago, long before they went insane.


The delivery update... 

ONE (1) order but they split it into 3 shipments.

1 was shipped FedEx.
1 was shipped USPS.
2 were shipped UPS.

One item that was addressed incorrectly but was being delivered by FedEx and that allows the shipper company to change delivery instructions, was kept at the FedEx facility and the family member picked it up in person.  Done and done.

The second item that was a 'marketplace' item and shipping from another company (the one that basically said "too bad, so sad" - is in limbo.   Yesterday it was 'attempted' to be delivered to the address that was incorrect.  It was marked with an alert as 'no access'.  Considering the street number on the package doesn't even exist, I would have been surprised if they found access to a non-existent building.

We were all hoping the mail carrier would deliver it to the NEXT building on the street - which is the correct address (one digit off) and because this family member has not only lived there 5+ years, but is getting numerous packages and birthday cards, etc. this week... the carrier would recognize the entire name, address, apartment, etc. was all the same except that ONE digit...  but nope.

He did not deliver. 

Although the family member had attempted to get the correct address changed with the post office prior - it said it could not be changed at this time so we all waited to see if it would deliver correctly in the end.  After the 'no access' alert posted, he called the local post office and this time the woman who answered said she would leave a note for the mail carrier with the digit corrected and see if he would attempt to deliver today.

The last two items were re-ordered as replacement items with the correct address and shipped UPS. They literally were just delivered about 2 minutes ago.  The original 2 packages are still... somewhere?

Funny, not funny:  So the birthday card I sent USPS was just delivered... and they did NOT attempt to redeliver the package from yesterday.  LOL.  So, yeah.  Still in limbo.  So much for the woman who said she would leave a note for re-delivery today.