It's Just the Coffee Talking: Even if it's an all-out lie, what survives is the written word, the reports, the computer entry. Not necessarily the truth.

Good morning Coffee Friends...

This morning I have much to do, but every time I think of some of them on the list, I get a little bit perturbed so instead, I'm here, with a new cup of coffee.

I was glancing over the news headlines this morning and saw yet another healthy, active, athletic teenager (14) has collapsed unexpectedly due to heart problems that never existed prior that anyone knew of. 

Hmm.  All these healthy young people collapsing with heart issues; dying, needing surgery, having life long issues like never before in history.  Hmm.  I wonder what in the world is different now, in the past year, that has never been before.  Gosh, that's a tough one.  Hmmm.  Something to ponder over coffee.
The deliveries that were messed up are mostly 'finished' now in one way or another but not 2 of them.   These are the original two items that the company said they would replace and sent new ones (which arrived.)  But I've been watching the original to see if and when they make it back to the company as undeliverable.

But here is why I'm mentioning it over coffee this morning.
If you recall, the intended gift recipient was made aware of the snafu and after waiting to see if it would be delivered correctly anyway (because it was literally just 1 number off - to an address next door that does not EXIST - and they've lived in the same building for 5+ years and had many other packages and mail being delivered that week for their birthday) but after it wasn't; he called the local post office and spoke to a woman there to give the tracking number, the information, and to let them know the correct address. (The entire population of this town is just over 8,000 people so basically, it's not a stretch to think it should have been delivered anyway because the local mail carrier knows most of the names on his route...).  

The reason I'm even mentioning this little update is a tongue-in-cheek smirk kind of conversation in which I checked the most recent status of the 2 missing packages and see that the post office not only DID NOT deliver to the correct address as they said they would.... but on the tracking website, they state that they again attempted delivery (?) and 'left notification to the resident' (?).   No, they didn't.  But ok?  And then as of yesterday it says (again)  'arrived at post office'.  (again).

Yeah, I don't know.
They have had all the correct information all week and no, they did not attempt to deliver it to the right address.  But we all know that what REALLY HAPPENS doesn't matter... the only thing that matters in our jobs, in our lives, in anything, is what is officially WRITTEN DOWN.  Even if it's an all-out lie, what survives is the written word, the reports, the computer entry.  NOT necessarily the truth. 
That's another thing to ponder deeply over coffee and ask yourself how it might apply to our lives over the past 2 1/2 years.


Ponder over Coffee - SO much truth in such a simple sentence.

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."