It's Just the Coffee Talking: Free online college courses for fun....

Readers of It's Just the Coffee Talking know I love learning, researching, reading, taking notes and soaking up allll the information. 

I thought I'd pass along some free learning to my readers just in case any of you were interested in free online classes on various topics - history, literature, theology...  many different subjects.   Taught by college professors, but totally free to those who wish to learn.

This isn't an ad, or a paid sponsorship or anything like that - it's just that I was looking over which course I was going to sign up for and decided to pass along the information to my coffee friends.

Hillsdale College offers some great topics for life-long learners.  Here is a blurb from their homepage to introduce you to their free online courses;

".... Our courses are created for every American who wishes to embark upon a life-changing education in the greatest ideas and texts of Western Civilization. The only requirements are a desire for truth and a love of liberty."
You can check out all the topics they offer - but I chose some that I thought sounded interesting (to me) and put them here to give my readers an idea of what is available. 



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