It's Just the Coffee Talking: Hilton wants to make it hard for me to simply delete a 10 year old phone number from my profile... LOL. Fine, keep it then.

I've been in the office since 8:am and I've accomplished only about 1/3 what I would have wanted at this point.  It's been ridiculous. 

One thing I need to do is make hotel reservations for traveling we have to do later this month.  I've mapped out a route - and tried to guesstimate the places we will stop for the night based on an average 9-10 hour driving day. 

Hilton has built a newish hotel in the area.  A google drive-by showed it to be in a nice, open area right off the interstate for easy off/on - I thought I'd go ahead and start to stay there instead of my old standby hotel brand I regularly use in this city/state.

It didn't happen.

Hilton made it difficult from the start to even log into my own account.  

I finally got in, was going to make my reservation but thought I'd better check my profile account first to make sure everything was correct - as I'm sure my credit card on file was expired. 

It was, but first, I saw an 'old' phone number as a secondary phone on our account - but by 'old' I mean, we haven't had this phone in 10 years so I thought I'd simply delete it.  It's not the preferred and current phone number - that one was listed and is correct. This was an old 'secondary' number listed.

I wouldn't let me edit or update my phone numbers.

Well, I could edit them..  but the 'save' button wouldn't highlight so I could save the new information.

I gave up trying and clicked on 'chat' with a rep.

Oh gracious.  I'm pretty sure this Hilton customer service rep did not type ONE SENTENCE that used correct grammar and/or spelling.  (Example:  .... help you in updateing you account) and (... help you update you account) are just two of them.

But, her name was "Kailey" - yep, sure it was.

More importantly, she could not help me.  I have to call their 800 number.

Seriously?  I just want to delete an old secondary phone number.  It's not like I'm changing it or deleting the only number they have on file for me.

Well, anyway, I was attempting to deal with issues logging into the Hilton site, profile, reservations, etc. for over an hour and decided the gods have spoken... I was NOT supposed to be making a reservation there.  LOL.

I stopped trying.  Hilton can have my old home phone number from 11 years ago, in another state if they want to make it so hard for me to update it.


I didn't mean to type all that.. but you know, it's just the coffee talking again anyway.