It's Just the Coffee Talking: Looking at the Cuisinart and the Hamilton Beach Coffee Brewers AND - a University requires a fake shot for students but NOT for the teachers (makes sense, right?)

Good Morning!

This morning I'm once again researching coffee makers... I really want to replace the Keurig in the office with something else - and this morning I'm looking at a Cuisinart (this one - the grind and brew) and a Hamilton Beach (this one - that does Nespresso, Keurig k-cups or fresh grounds)  but money is really, really tight right now so I'm just not ok with purchasing either yet.

Funny though, last night in my dream, my husband called me from work to tell me he was given a raise.  He lowered his voice and whispered that they were giving him a 40K a year raise.  I know there are people that live in a completely different universe than I that really would get a raise like this... I don't know them.  I don't think I want to.  But in MY world, a 'raise' is a once a year review type thing and is typically about $40 more per check every 2 weeks.  I know... sad.  Pathetic.  But... that's life.

So yes, that was my dream last night.  But in the real world, I'm debating long and hard over spending $100 on a coffee brewer because again... that's just real life.

In the meantime... another ridiculous mandate over these damn experimental and useless shots.  How is this even a THING anymore.  If you follow the science, you know they are absolutely useless and do more harm than good.  But here is a university not only requiring them for students but they do NOT require them for the teachers and staff.

You would think a university would be smart enough to look up the science behind this hoopla.   This age group only has a 16% chance of catching any version of this cold/flu that they put a name to in order to instill fear.  But let's say you have 20% of the the 18-29 year old age group that get this flu.  Only LESS THAN 1% have serious complications in which they would die from it.  It's .7%  (LESS than 1%).  (All these stats available through the CDC website.)

Ok, now take it a step further... who would be that .7% that had complications and die from it?  They have other serious health issues.  They are obese, have heart issues, respiratory diseases or issues, underlying health issues.

This makes NO SENSE whatsoever.  But, here we are.


University mandates vaccine for students but not staff 

On August 11, Susquehanna University released its fall 2022 COVID-19 vaccination protocol, stating that returning students must be fully vaccinated prior to arriving on campus. 

In contrast to the student vaccination requirement, employees are only 'strongly encouraged' to be vaccinated prior to returning to campus, suggesting that unvaccinated employees should 'talk to [their] doctor about the benefits.' 

Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania released its Fall 2022 COVID-19 vaccination protocol, stating that returning students must be fully vaccinated prior to arriving on campus.

In contrast to the student vaccination requirement, employees are only “strongly encouraged” to be vaccinated prior to returning to campus, suggesting that unvaccinated employees should “talk to [their] doctor about the benefits.”

Students employed by the university are subject to stricter protocols.



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