It's Just the Coffee Talking: Mostly just some random news chit-chat this morning! Got your coffee?

Good Morning!

I thought I'd include the dog in this mornings little selfie.  She's here with me every morning but I don't include her in my photos much.  

Just for fun sometimes I head over to Yahoo's homepage and look at the news.  They are obsessed with Trump - obsessed.  Daily there are news articles, photos, editorials of him while they have GOLD with the bumkin creepy Joe in office and his disgusting son but nary a story about Harris or Biden.  Mostly just a lot of Trump all the time.

He gets to live rent free in their heads, that's for sure!!!

Speaking (a little bit) of Biden....

I originally saw this a couple days ago on social media, but Fox News ran it as well;  have you seen it yet? 

A message to the President.... "I am not your enemy" and "Republicans are not filled with hate towards anyone".  This is so true!



News with your morning coffee.....

IRS accidentally posts personal information of 120,000 taxpayers

1% of voters say Biden economy 'excellent'

No whites need apply: Pfizer offers minorities-only fellowship as firms embrace racial preference

Eight boosted mice: Critics pan FDA for preelection Omicron jab approval based on irrelevant data 



Data on Women's Motivations for Abortions....  almost zero are for the 'life of the mother' and almost 96% are 'just because".