It's Just the Coffee Talking: My Go-To Products for a Cold (which I have one now, by the way)

Good Morning Coffee Friends...

I'm fighting a cold.  Sigh.  I knew I'd get it, as the 2 year old has been sick with it since Saturday and you can only take so many blubbery spitty toddler kisses, wiping their little noses for them, and them suddenly coughing and sneezing in your face before you are bound to get it.  LOL.

I have my favorite go-to's - (Mucinex - the purple one for night time!  And Afrin Spray) so although having a cold is not fun, I can keep the symptoms at bay and get through it fairly well - better than the poor little 2 year old who has very limited good 'cold' options available - certainly not as awesome as we adults have.

(Should I also mention there that I'm double dosing on natural immune boosters as well - which  is also probably why I'm having an easier time of this cold than other extended family members are?   Emergen-C  - but I like the one with the vitamin D and Zinc as well, and a few doses of apple cider vinegar through the day as well as the awesome 'cold' teas with some natural herbal extracts added.)

... it's just the coffee talking again.


Related to this post and available from Amazon if you are interested;


My favorite - the Immune Plus version

And - once I discovered this a couple years ago, I now never want to go through a cold without it.  Afrin Spray!  I know it seems like an 'old man cold remedy' from 1976 but dang... this is my number 1 go-to now when I have a cold.  


The Traditional Medicinals Cold Care Teas... Oh how I love these!!!  My favorite is 'Breathe Easy' - which I also add some drops of natural herbal tinctures to like licorice and marshmallow, mullein leaf extract and lobelia extract).