It's Just the Coffee Talking... still sick. Sinuses so swollen I can't breathe... LOL. I love Afrin but you are only supposed to use it every 10-12 hours. GAH.

Good Morning Coffee Friends....

Still. Sick.  sigh....

It's just a head cold, but it a horrible one.  A knock you on your butt one.  The kind that used to be fairly normal before people freaked out over the Plandemic but having had C and this... C was easier and faster to get over.

One thing I have done through this is test just to make sure.  I was going to be visiting some extended family members as it was already scheduled and one of those life-events that must be done (not a fun even like a wedding... but other stuff).  So I tested twice already but last night, tested a 3rd time just to be sure since I'm supposed to be doing that 'can't get out of it' thing today and there will be 2 people there besides me and my husband - one of which is a very healthy, but elderly person.  

So!  All that rambling to say I've tested THREE times to make SURE it's 'just a cold'.  

And it is. But oh goodness, head colds can be hellish. 

I do have coffee in hand right now for 'coffee talk' but I finished a 'throat coat' medicinal tea first... and honestly?  I'm probably not finishing the last third of the coffee and am going to brew another tea.