It's Just the Coffee Talking: A Tesla Model S battery - to produce it is the equivalent to driving a BMW 320d for 60,000 miles

Good Morning!

A long, long, fitful, awful night of no rest.  So exhausted, I was falling asleep by 8:pm so I gave in and turned out the light.  I woke at 11:30 thinking it must be about 3 or 4 am right?  Nope.  And from there on I was awake off and on all night.  I'm sore, achy, a headache and so, so tired.

Re; the wrong addresses on the gifts I had ordered to send - I've been in limbo for 2 days waiting since they said I couldn't do anything until I got the emails with the tracking numbers, etc. and then I have to call all the delivery companies separately.  

Well, guess what?  My husband ended up talking to someone who works for the company and mentioned it to them in passing and they said....

"Oh, the easiest thing for her to have done was to have them cancel the orders when she talked to them and just reordered them...."

Yes, and that seems obvious since I contacted them so quickly but...  HE DID NOT TELL ME I COULD DO THAT.  He told me it was too late since I already placed the order.  

There was nothing he could do.
Told me I had to wait for the emails saying they were being shipped.  
Either he didn't care and lied on purpose OR he was new and didn't actually know how to do anything. 

I had literally just placed the orders that morning... like, 7 hours prior; and 2 days later I'm still waiting on emails. 

I know for a fact he could have canceled.




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Ponder over coffee.....


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A Tesla Model S battery:  to produce it is the equivalent to driving a
BMW 320d for 60,000 miles.