It's Just the Coffee Talking: The truth is... blacks are less likely to be shot or have deadly forced used on them by the police than an armed white or Hispanic person. Does the truth matter?

Good Morning Coffee Friends...

The head cold has been bad the last two nights so sleep has been elusive.  Even getting up to use Afrin in the night to help clear my sinuses to breathe doesn't help enough to sleep.  Going to be another long day!  B12 keeps me going as I wait for my body to fight off this cold virus and add it to the many viruses I now will have anti-bodies for.  (If you missed previous posts, this is just a bad cold - negative for the big C - not that it matters a whit as even THAT is just a cold/flu virus they gave a name to to instill fear.  But this is a regular bad cold, like we all had pre-2020 and will continue to have....)  I'm watching the timeline the 2 year old is getting better to know when I will, since they got it first and so lovingly gifted it to me through slobbery kisses, hugs and sharing sneezes and coughs in my face.  Ha ha.

So, random chit-chat...

I have a person in our neighborhood that put a big black lives matter sign in their yard when it was cool to do so.  They actually only did it to get back at another neighbor who put a 'we pray for our local police' in their yard... but that's a whole other subject. 

The point is as BLM was leading over 600 violent protests which resulted in looting, riots, burning of buildings and property;  they did over 2 billion dollars in damage in 6 months.  The media would stand in front of buildings on fire, storefront windows broken, people stealing and destroying the retail store... and literally proclaim the protests were mostly calm.    They were anything BUT calm; which is why retailers had to board up their windows, close stores early and police had to line the parking lots to try to protect stores.  The so called protests were only an excuse to STEAL and BURN and DESTROY.  Everyone knew it... it was obvious.  But you were called racist if you pointed any facts out.

Getting a bit off topic but the point is... they had their signs out.

Then the BLM truth got even more interesting.

The leaders were suddenly putting family members on the books in fluff positions and paying their family friends millions.  Buying huge mansions and homes for all their family members. 

It was woke for companies to push millions and billions of dollars to the 'cause' but no one could really account for where their money was going to.  Except for lavish homes, lifestyles, travel and cars to the BLM big-wigs.

After the truth came out about what BLM really was I thought maybe the sign in the neighbors yard would come down but nope.  It's faded, and it's mostly forgotten as it sits in their landscaping... 
I wonder if they even know the truth about the organization and the corruption and fraud surrounding it?

No reason for that post really... just me thinking out loud as I sip morning coffee.  Meh, it's just the coffee talking again. 
The truth is... blacks are less likely to be shot or have deadly forced used on them by the police
than an armed white or Hispanic person.  Does the truth matter?


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