It's Just the Coffee Talking: When I checked into this hotel I had to initial paperwork understanding I had to have a state police officer with me if I needed video security footage in the future.... ha ha

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Obviously I'm not going to announce on social media that I was gone - but this whole time I've been fighting this head cold, I've been doing a cross-country road trip.  On the tail end now, I'll be home in a few hours, this is my last on-road entry.

And yep - still sick.  Although better than I've been for the past week - it's on the tail end.  I've also been able to judge what to expect from watching the 2 year old and other family member that got the same version as I.  I same same 'version' since Mr. Coffee started to get it about 3 days ago but apparently got a much, much lighter version, which never really turned into this one.    Yesterday felt like someone socked me in the right side of my face.  From my eye socket to my jaw on the right side felt bruised and hurt.  That with the coughing up gunk and blowing my nose.  But... again, it's better than it was.

All this even with the massive amounts of vitamin C, D and Zinc... but once I was on the road I wasn't able to keep up with the vitamins and teas as well so... I've just been trudging through it.  LOL.

This morning I am blogging from a random Days Inn.   We had chose a town that was a good stopping point for the day/drive.  We like to do about 9-10 hours a day and then stop for the night.  I had more hotel choices 10 miles 'up' the road or 10 miles 'down' the road; but we've used this particular small town for a meeting location with family members for years - they have an easy on/off interstate entrance, a good McDonalds to meet at and 2 gas stations to fill up at.  

They also have one (1) hotel in the whole town; it's a Days Inn.  Not my first (or second, third or even forth or fifth) choice to stay at but it looked fine online and I never really paid much attention to it when we would stop in this town to meet up with family over the years.

So I booked it for last night.  And... I guess it's 'fine'. 

We checked in and noted the decor was very um, dated.  It would be quite 'fancy' and belong in a mansion perhaps back in the 60's or 70's maybe.  Now, the same thing in a hotel looks a bit odd.  Then I got to the front counter and the young lady checked us in.  I've not had to sign and 'inital' a bunch of actual paper(s) for hotel check-in for a few years now!  But they were old school.  She went to the printer and printed off papers I had to sign here and here, initial here, there and here.  Sign the bottom here.

One of the things I was initialing for was err... interesting?   She said I was understanding that in the event I needed to request security video footage, I had to have a state police or sheriff's Dept. officer with me... they couldn't give out security video footage 'willy-nilly'.  

Umm.  Ok?  Is this a problem here?  Do people regularly have to request this?  Oh my.

But it was... fine.

Although a Days Inn, the room we had was actually 'inside' the hotel/motel on the second floor - the other rooms on the first floor were outside entrances.  Ours was a 'suite'.  Ha.  

We walked up the stairs and because the manager won't run the AC anywhere but the first floor office, the heat was stifling as we got to the top.

We walked around the square landing and got into the room - very very tiny.  A suite?  Ha ha.  One queen bed, a desk and a chair... the bedstand turned sideways with the drawers jammed up against the bed, unable to open, due to space constrictions.

I used the rest room.  A huge spider jumped out of the drain... eek!  Surprised me.  Squashed him with a towel.

Turned on the A/C.  THAT hasn't been used in a looooong time.  It smells funny.  Strong.  Hard to breathe, but I turn it off, get out my Lysol, spray the vents (it's the old school style A/C heater... not the kind most hotels have switched to that is controlled on the wall thermostat).  After spraying it with Lysol, I turned it back on and hoped for the best.  LOL.

No bible in the drawers.  I expected this.  The owner of the hotel has a bright red dot on his head and a very thick accent.   Later I did look online and saw that most of this hotel brand don't have them anymore.  

The desk drawer will not close all the way - sticks out about 4 inches.  It hits my hip.  I crawled underneath to see what was blocking it.  I'm still not sure - but the desk looks like an extra wooden piece had been added that blocks it from closing.

The refrigerator is not at all cold feeling, but it has a thick layer of ice over the upper freezer-ish portion.  It blocks the little freezer shelf from opening, but I could see cardboard and paper sticking out.  Something is frozen solid in it... I'm not going to chip away ice to find out what's in there.

But the tv works for Mr. Coffee and there is wi-fi.  We parked outside the window with a perfect view below of our car - and made sure it's in front of the camera so if we have to get security footage (as I apparently initialed for when I checked in) the car should be seen on it.  LOL.

We also had a Keurig IN the car so we carried it in the room (I travel with k-cups as well, just in case).  This morning I am sipping coffee and was typing this entry as I let Mr. Coffee sleep in.

He's up now... sipping coffee and waiting on me to get ready so, I will end this little rambling blog post.

It's just the coffee talking anyway........


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