It's Just the Coffee Talking: Yahoo has zero respect for female talent and skills and seems to only feature talented women when they strip down or for what they are wearing - this in 2022?

Although I despise yahoo, I keep an old yahoo address because a couple elderly family members have this address for us and it was too confusing to them to update or change it.   This means that I regularly see the yahoo homepage when I check my email account.

You know how once you see something, you can't un-see it?

About two years ago I glanced at their homepage headlines and was immediately overwhelmed that almost all the stories featuring talented female celebrities were not at ALL mentioning their skills and talent, but were only being featured due to being naked or half clothed.

This is daily... and I don't actually click on their links or read hardly any of their news stories in general anyway, so for me it typically a quick glance at the headlines and a shake of my head and I move on.

The few stories that aren't about the latest naked or half clothed female celebrity are probably mentioning her clothing in some other way.  Always the clothing or lack of.  

While the men featured in their headlines are not featured because they got half naked.  They are usually mentioned because of their skills and talents.

Seriously... in 2022 we are still focusing on how a woman LOOKS and not how awesome she is at what she does??

These are just a few from today that I quickly scrolled down and screen shot.  I didn't go looking for them - I didn't do anything except do a quick look at their homepage and copied down random stories featuring talented women who were ONLY being mentioned by Yahoo because they stripped down for something or other.