It's just the tea talking this morning... throat coat tea. And locking both sets of keys in the vehicle. Oh well!

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

This cold is a doozy.  Still hanging on.  Making me miserable trying to breathe through my nose - and I hate to breathe through my mouth because that causes the throat to dry out and hurt.  And oh the pounding head.  LOL.

But I'm still doing everything that has to get done.  Yesterday was a fairly busy, active day. 

The car is packed to the brim with items from an elderly family members home who will be moving 'off the farm' due to age and ability - but we (and he) hated to see things from his late wife, himself and the house, tossed into a landfill by new owners.  Nothing much of value - it's not that kind of thing (and we are not those kind of people).  Some old dishes of no value, a couple teapots his wife collected when she was still alive, some books, bibles, lots of pots and pans and kitchen items.  I had wanted to get the old bed sheets because he's never thrown any out and they were mostly from the 60's and 70's - I thought they would make fabulous aprons!  But alas, a SIL had already cleaned out those sorts of things and sent them all to the landfill.  Oh well.  I got one sheet - a Brady Bunch looking era sheet in a bold flower pattern in pink, yellow and blue.

Funny moment that still hasn't righted itself:  My husband and SIL were putting some things in the back of one of the vehicles that needs to be given to a family member.  My SIL threw the keys on the seat and closed the door.  The doors automatically locked.  The problem?  The second set of keys were already on the seat inside the car.  Now, both sets of keys were inside the vehicle and the doors were locked and the car armed.

My SIL was stupefied.  She had not known that many cars can (and do) do that.  She was upset of course - and frustrated - even after 3 other people told her yep, sometimes cars do that.  Those were the only two keys.  They spoke of ways to break into the car but I pointed out (a few times) that they could call AAA or the dealership to get it done correctly; not shoving things down into the window and ruining the seals, chipping the paint, etc.  And I knew dang well they didn't know what they were doing - there is no way they could have accomplished pushing a button a key fob to unlock it, with a flimsy wire.  Not these two.

I also pointed out that if they kept prying on the door trying to get it open, the car alarm was going to go off and they did not have a key fob to stop it.  It was going to continually screech.

They both looked at me like I was alien....  until I pointed out to them the red blinking lights on the dash and that some cars' alarms go off if the windows are messed with or the doors are trying to be pried open.

I laughed it off.  Said it was 'fine' and we just weren't meant to take the car that night - call AAA or the dealership in the morning. 

My head is pounding, my sinuses are stuff and my throat is scratchy... so I'm off to brew more "Throat Coat" Tea (I posted about these in the last couple posts).   




Thanks for popping in... this morning it's just the tea talking..........