Noon Coffee Break: It's just the coffee talking....... update on that birthday order 'mess' with the wrong digit in the delivery address...

Well hello friends....

Thought I'd pop in since I'm sipping some coffee.   I don't recall where I was in the delivery/address mistake update story.  


This morning I was back on the phone with the original company and explained that no, UPS will not let me change the delivery addresses since I am not the shipper.  (I knew this but the original guy insisted this is what I needed to do.  Whatever.)

Second (new) guy understood - told me the original guy I talked to was wrong (yep - I knew that but... my hands were tied.) 

But now 2+ days have gone by and it really was too late to cancel/change;  so he had to escalate me to a senior tech.     So, senior tech guy is doing an 'order replacement' order for me.  New order placed with correct delivery address digit.

Then had to wait on hold for a marketplace dept. customer service tech...  This part of my original order had been split into two as well.  The only thing we could do was change the delivery of one of the items to a 'pick up' at a location about 6 miles from where my family member lives. 

We can't do anything with the last item yet as I (again) have to wait for a shipping email to find out which company it will be shipped with - then I have to call the original company (shipper) back AGAIN and have them reach out to change the delivery to a pick-up someplace.

So much for a quick, easy sending of some birthday gifts!  Nothing is easy anymore....  LOL.