Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I know most everyone has celebrated Christmas and has mentally moved on to New Years... but at the Coffee Haus, we are still in Christmas-mode.  Well, kind of. 

Everyone else had Christmas last weekend, ours will be this coming weekend due to work schedules and travel schedules.  We will have a long distance birthday, another birthday, Christmas, another birthday, another long distance birthday and a new baby due... all in the course of the next 10 days or so.  I'm busy trying to prepare for... all of it.

You may have noticed everything on my site has been cleaned out...  I'm not sure what I'm doing with this site right now actually.  First and foremost, I wanted to take off all the Amazon links but the only way I could find to do so was to go through one-by-one and open and edit, remove, update and save each and every link.  Guys... I've had this site since 2004.  That's a lot of posts to wade through because some had links, some didn't, yada yada).

Instead, I wiped everything clean. This also was good in the fact that I'm going to try to keep politics to myself.  Oh, it is great to have a site to be able to vent, post information and 'talk' out my thoughts... but I really just want a clean slate I think. 

Also, I am not really into talking about coffee right now - not full time anyway.  So where does this leave me and my blog?  I don't know.

Rambling about life in general I suppose?

Thoughts?  Comments?  

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