3 weeks since my dog passed and I'm still finding myself jumping up, thinking I 'forgot' to let her out, or... whatever. Routine is hard to break!

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

This morning I've been 'weirded out' and caught myself with instant anxiety that I've made too much noise or forgotten something - or that I have to rush through what I'm doing because someone is going to call out out for me or need me in mere seconds...

Because that my friends, is my life...

This morning Mr. Coffee is at work, I have no toddler or children here at the moment.  My dog passed away about 3 weeks ago now... and after 12 years of repeated morning actions without fail, I am still catching myself preparing to do what I guess is almost muscle memory at this point with my morning routine of doggy chores. 

This dog also was ADHD (LOL) and sudden movement or noise freaked her out.  She always laid on her bed in my office and I had to be careful not to move my desk chair back too quickly or drop something because she would jump up from the sudden noise or movement.  Sometimes even run out of the office a few feet before turning back and looking at me to see if everything was safe to return. 

Letting her 'out' and feeding her are all routines that were in place for 12 years (she was a girl who didn't know what to do if you veered off routine!).  Even if I didn't 'walk' the same or hesitated to get a drink at the refrigerator after putting her food in her bowl, she would be confused and refuse to eat; would walk briskly away and through the house to her bed because I didn't walk the same route after letting her in from going potty or feeding her.

The toddler also likes routine, and of course my morning commute was persnickety on timing as well.  I pretty much had to adhere to the same morning routine within about 2 minutes for almost 3 years. 

For the past 12 years I've been bound by the dog's routine; adding the toddler's routine in 2 1/2 years ago; which I've basically had to follow without fail because life is waaaay easier with both if you stick to routine!  LOL.

Currently this morning, I have no dog routine and no toddler routine... and huge difference also when Mr. Coffee isn't home because he's always a shadow to me as well.  I'm... free at the moment?  And it's weird!


Lots of coffee has been had.  Strong, hot, brewed k-cup at 6 ounce and it's already a Sumatra Dark Roast to begin with!  I think I'm on number 4 or 5.

I have some online things to get to; some research and then I also really should/need to place an order for some things so I think I'll be at the laptop for a bit.  Feel like chatting over coffee?  I'll be around for an hour or two this morning finishing up everything! 

Join me for morning coffee and any random chit-chat that comes to mind! 


... it's just the coffee talking!

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