Good Morning Coffee Friends...

I had a hard time concentrating on anything this morning - especially typing a blog post that is coherent and without errors... because Mr. Coffee is home this morning and I'm not used to other adults in the house and I'm very sensitive to background noises. Adult-in-my-house background noises.   LOL

I've spent our entire marriage pretty much on my own with the kids, so 'kids' noise I can take, no problem at all.  But other adult noise is nerve-wracking for me. 

Let's chat over coffee... no topic in mind so let's just see where a couple sips of hot, fresh coffee takes me.

This morning I was thinking that Mr. Key Finding Guy might not have gotten my cookies if he wasn't expecting any packages and didn't check his big plastic tote; and didn't see me on a security camera.  If so, it's fairly likely a raccoon would get them as you only have to lift the lid;  a raccoon, coyote, fox, dog, cats... anything that can smell freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and thinks they would be worth inspecting.  However, I am ok with the fact I gave them and if he got them or not, I might not ever know.  LOL.  (It's not like he's going to go across the street to chat with my family members and mention it in passing...). 

I'm going to be online for a bit this morning and early afternoon, trying to play catch up with a few things I have to research, some pricing for items we need but money is really tight so I have to spend a lot of time looking for the best decisions (as busy as I may be, I always have more time than money).  I have a couple online bills to pay, some orders to consider if I can or cannot make, etc.  so... more coffee needs to be made and I need to get crackin'.

Sorry I don't have much to chat about today... feel free to start a topic in the comment section below if you wish!  I'll join in, but I can't think of one right now as my brain is full of ALL THE  THINGS YOU SHOULD BE DOING RIGHT NOW THAT DON'T INCLUDE BLOGGING.









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