It's Just the Coffee Talking Again.... ongoing chit-chat about that stupid trash company change-over and how their billing department can't seem to function correctly

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Toddler is napping and I've popped off a 6th (?) email through our trash site's 'Contact Us' trying to get our 'new' trash company to update their records. 

They bought out our 'old' trash company this Fall.  There is about a 3 week span where any payments made on the account to the old company weren't recorded and given to the new company.  THEIR ISSUE NOT OURS. 

This should have been hashed out in the buy-out process. Meanwhile, our accounts are marked "overdue" and nasty letters are being sent with threats of collections, etc.  I've contact them already - about 5 or 6 times.  I've SENT PROOF of payment from my bank.  I even have the transaction number of the bank and a copy of the check (because YES I went old-school and paid them by check for that one AND anticipating issues with the transfer, I wrote the invoice number on, my account number on it too!).  SENT THIS to the new company.  

She says, "Well, you might want to make sure they cashed it."

Where the heck do you think this COPY of the canceled check came from?  The bank's transaction number came from?

Anyway.  I'm not really riled up about this issue... it's just stupid and I thought I'd chit-chat about it over coffee.  LOL.


Have a good day everyone... it's just the coffee talking again.

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