It's Just the Coffee Talking: Another quick trip out of the house that turns into a little story. This time was a woman and her dog needing a ride.

I just brewed another cup of hot, black coffee.  The toddler is still napping and hopefully I can stay on topic and get some coffee talking done; The story I meant to tell, but got side tracked a few times!

This morning I decided to go pick up the little one, since he was expecting to come to my house today (if you read the previous posts you know that his Mama thought today was Thursday and that he was coming today... but it's only Wednesday and I didn't want to break his little excited heart.)

I got ready and headed to their house, in another town, about 30 minutes away. 

After the highway, the interstate, another highway, a county road, a highway and another county road, I passed by the place where I've had the last 2 interesting exchanges.  (The place I lost the keys, walked the side of the road, was spotted randomly by the guy who found my keys 3 days earlier, yada yada.)   I seem to have many interesting things happen every time I venture here.

And I did again today.

I'm about a mile from 'my' turn and as I travel this county road I see a woman on the side of the road waving her arm and flagging me down.

Visions of Solara from The Book of Eli are in my brain.  (When she stops to help the lady in the road but it's a set up by the local killer gang trapping people who stop to help so they can rob and kill/rape them.)

But yeah, I couldn't pass her by.  She was in the middle of no where and waving me down in one of the same spots I literally had walked myself last week looking for my keys on the side of the road.

She looked a little rough.  Was older - maybe 65 ish?  Disheveled. A different race than I am- mixed.  And she had her little-ish dog with her.  No cars in the area broken down or otherwise.  She didn't have a cart/buggy or anything that looked like she was legit homeless, but she did look like she could be. I didn't know what her story was, but she needed help with something and was trying to flag down a car.

If you know me from my blog, or you know my personality by now... yes, I stopped

I put down my window.  She was yelling to me as she crossed the road to my side, thanking me for stopping and could I please give her a ride to the gas station about 1 1/2 miles away down the road (it's the only one in the area; literally the ONLY business for about 10 miles in any direction). 

I was going the opposite way and had passed the gas station behind me that she was walking towards and trying to get to.

Yeah, she could rob me. I know this. 

(My best friend actually had a woman jump into her car, pull a knife, hold it to her stomach, and force her to drive to a deserted area... but at the last second my friend turned left - against the woman's directive to turn 'right' - because right led to nothing but woods but left led to a busy golf course... ) 

Yeah, I know it can happen.

For those that are 'new' around here and don't know my background - my parents were law enforcement.  My Dad is a retired sergeant and my Mom retired Sheriff's Office.  My Dad was basically teaching me to be a cop without actually teaching me to be a cop.

I judged the situation and how I could help without putting myself in danger. 

I nodded, but told her I wanted to turn around first. 

I continued down the road and around the curve to what was the first country driveway - about 1/3 mile away.  When I pulled in to turn around and go back for her, I unlocked my gun from my purse.  I placed my purse/backpack behind the seat out of sight, near the diaper bag.

I placed my gun under my front seat, easily grabbed if I need it.

I also have a dash-cam running that works both forward and back so she would be recorded the whole time (but the display is turned off so most people think it's not on, as it's just a black screen.)

I also had a baby book, 2 little socks and a baby formula coupon on the passenger seat she would be sitting in so I picked those up but kept them in my hand so she could  see them when she got in.

I drove back and picked her up.

Like every other encounter I have, I had most of her story within a mile.

I started conversation by smiling, and holding up the children's book and telling her who I was on my way to go see. I wanted her to start talking right off the bat, and to find common ground between us just in case she had nefarious plans.  LOL.

She moved into a trailer down the road a few miles, from a community about 40 minutes away.  She just moved in a few days ago.  She had heart surgery recently.  Her cellphone is dead but she can't find her charger.  She wanted to walk to the gas station to call her grandson who lives in "F" city (about 4 hours away) who is trying to get up her to help her.  He's 25 years old and her only grandchild.  She wants to call her brother to come give her a ride - which is why she was walking to the gas station.  She lives down off "P" road - and started walking just after 7:00 am this morning to get to the gas station (it was now about 9:50 am).  Her little dog in her arms was named Reesey - after the peanut butter cup. 

Yep, all that in about a mile.

She was ever so thankful.  I wished her well.
I turned around and continued back the way I had been going when I stopped to give her a ride. 

(I wonder about the dead cell phone, but also why she would walk almost 3 1/2 hours to the gas station to use their phone instead of maybe stopping at any of the houses she had to pass?  She could stop and ask to use any of their phones quicker and easier than walking that far...?)

But as I told my family later - I wasn't robbed or killed and I'm still alive, so there's that.

Never, ever a quick, boring trip when I leave my house. 

Thanks for stopping in.  Just the coffee talking again.

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