It's Just the Coffee Talking... baby came, dentist canceled and trip to the big city planned


Good Morning Coffee Friends....

The baby we were waiting for, did indeed come last night. Healthy and doing well, as is the Mama.  She was actually due 10 days ago, so everyone had assumed the baby would have been here last week.  That is why (months ago)  I had gone ahead and scheduled a dentist appointment for today. 

I had to call them first thing at 7:30 am this morning to cancel as they absolutely do not want me to attempt to bring this particular little 2 year old toddler with me.  He's not he type to sit quietly and occupy himself for more than 7 seconds with... anything.

Although those plans fell through, the other 'standing' plan is that I'll have to travel into the big city with the toddler to visit Mama, Daddy and new baby at the hospital.  Totally dreading that one... the traffic pattern to get there is insane.  Like, this particular highway is literally the butt of every traffic joke in our entire STATE - yes, it's that bad.  The city saw dollar signs instead of using common sense and this particular highway is insanity. Lucky me... I get to travel it on a Monday morning no less!

But first... coffee.