It's Just the Coffee Talking... baby's due date.


Good Morning Coffee Friends!

First topic:  Babies.  I'm racing with the clock a bit to type this as I'm expecting visitors in a bit.  A family member has a doctor's appointment this morning and I'm watching the 2 year old while Mama goes for a check-up.

Today is baby's 'due date' and Mama is doing a stress test and the level of amniotic fluid - just making sure everything is good.  The waiting game is on as we are all ready to welcome this little one any time now.  

This little one is coming into a crazy, hate-filled, insane world but will be surrounded by love, protection and all things good... at least for the first few years until like it or not, the world comes to them.  

Other Stuff:  Ceilings.  Do you have a 'tray' ceiling?  Sometimes called a recessed ceiling - it almost looks like an upside down tray.  We have one in the bedroom and I'm tempted to paint that 'stripe' on the sides that matches wall, white - to match the ceiling.  

I lay in bed and stare at the colored stripe and I don't like it.  Honestly, I think I want the whole room just a tad shade lighter beige/off white than it is but I don't want to have to paint the whole room again so I'm wondering if painting that tray area I don't care for would lighten up and change the room enough I could live with it.  I've also seen where the stripe in the tray ceiling painted a different shade - just a little lighter than the walls but not as light as the ceiling.  I'm pondering this.

Camping:  I won't be working 'full time' for about the next two months and if there is ever a good time for me to take off to do another solo cross-country tent camping and hiking trip, it would be now.  Except... it's also the time of year when most of the country is full of snow, ice, blizzards, cold...  so I have to ponder this and where to go, but also the 'safety' of traveling right now as a lone, blonde, female - as I like primitive areas.  Not too peopley. 

Little one is here to watch...  gotta run!  Thanks for popping in!

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  1. I say go for it, solo cross-county tent camping and hiking trip. I have come across many solo female travelers who all started out with fear. Every one confessed that their fears were unfounded. Listen to your woman’s intuition. If it don’t feel right then move on. You’ll be fine. John from Beans and I on the Loose


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