It's Just the Coffee Talking: I slept.

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I slept.

(That reminds me of the shortest sentence in the Bible; Jesus wept.  Random, I know.)

But you guys... I slept. 

Glory hallelujah, I slept.  LOL.

It's difficult for me to sleep even in the best of circumstances.  But the past 4 days I've been running on nothing more than caffeine and B12 vitamins. 

I don't sleep well (ok, at all) when we have little bitty ones sleeping over at our home.  The bedrooms are on the other side of the house (and up another level) so I use a security cam to listen for them and keep an eye on them.  I have huge anxiety whenever I am 'anticipating' anything so when little ones are here overnight I basically don't sleep.  I just absolutely cannot relax when others are in my house.  Especially Littles. 

But the 3 or 4 hours collective sleep I WOULD have gotten by default of exhaustion letting me drift, were continuously interrupted by Mr. Coffee, who started a new work schedule last week of getting up around 2:30 am on 4 of the mornings; which not only wakes me for that (his alarm and noise of him getting ready) but the lack of sleep and change of schedule made him SICK.   So he came down with a cold, which of course he refuses to ever call in sick because they'll get too far behind without no one to cover his job, so he was working through it. (Because his co-worker transferred the week before and the company is NOT replacing them; so now he is doing the work of two managers on top of doing the physical labor of unloading trucks for up to 8-10 hours a day because they can't find anyone who wants to work and hold a job... which is exhausting even without a head cold.  His normal schedule is typically a 12 hour shift.) and.... made him snore like a freight train. 

Seriously, the door was rattling.  I swear.

No sleep for 4 days.

The toddler went home yesterday afternoon.  No electronic screen light on all night in my bedroom.  No background noise.  No anticipating him calling out for me in the middle of the night. 

The husbands cold was a little better, but he also made himself subconsciously know to sleep on his side instead of his back... so he wasn't snoring.

I slept.





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