It's Just the Coffee Talking: If it's 9:50 am but you've been up since 12:30 am... what time is it really? About 3:00 pm is what it feels like!


Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I didn't look at the clock before I started this post... and I briefly wondered what time it was.  You see, I had already moved on from coffee to 'iced' coffee - which is usually around noon.  

It was only 9:30 am.  Ha.  That's what I get for being up since 12:30 AM.  Boy, is my internal clock going to be off today.

I was up because Mr. Coffee's snoring woke me. 

Around 1:30 am I decided to go ahead and read since I wasn't sleeping anyway.

His alarm went off at 2:30 am for work.  At 4:am I was just getting tired enough again that I could probably doze off, when I got a text that a family member was pretty sure labor was starting....

Yep, no sleep after that.  Texts back and forth about the status, and timing, pain threshold... plans for them stopping by here on their way to the hospital to drop off a toddler and their dog....

And bim bam, just like that here we are.

Toddler is down for a morning nap, dog is napping behind me, iced coffee in hand and a sleepy me is on 'baby watch'.

Later, after the toddler is awake I have to go to the family members home (about a half hour away) to get the dog's medicine they forgot, and to leave something at their home for another family member who will be coming by to feed their cats while they are at the hospital.  But for now?  Just sipping coffee and going to check out some online accounts and sites... and read a little news.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the daughter of one of my long-time CoffeeTalking readers who became a good friend in real life too...  I think you might have a newborn little person celebrating and sharing a birthday with you in future years!

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