It's Just the Coffee Talking: Maybe cookies to thank the stoic old guy that found my keys? (UPDATED)

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Yesterday was a bust as far as getting anything important done. Oh, things around the house yes, but I was grumpy and in a bad mood and didn't do some of things on my self-imposed list because I knew it was NOT the day to do them. 

Like... making cookies for the guy who found my house keys. 

I know where he lives because he told me his house number when we were determining where he picked up my keys compared to where my family member lives.  Ends up he is directly across the street from them; as a matter of fact it's always a hassle back out of their driveway without hitting his mailbox because of how narrow their street is. 

SIDE NOTE:  I've seen him a few times when I've visited their house.  He's a silent guy who keeps an eagle eye out on his street.  Like, Gladys Kravitz on Bewitched.  When the family member first moved in, he would stand silently and watch the comings and goings but never utter a word, say hello back to  us as we called out, or even wave back if he happened to be outside. 

Over the past 2 years they've lived there I don't think he's ever spoke to them even though my daughter has called out hello. 

Point is... he's not a friendly guy, really. 

My keys were not a monetary loss - just house keys and a key to a locked compartment on my purse (that I have a spare for) but it's the THOUGHT that counts and I was very thankful.  He was fairly stoic during our exchange when he held my keys up to see he had them.  I got him to crack a tiny smile at one point (I'm a very, very nice and funny and kind person and it's rare I can't befriend anyone I speak to when out-and-about.) 

I have zero money for a reward but it might be an insult to him as judging from his brand new truck, he has more than I do!  LOL  - and any money really would outweigh the cost of the $5 it would take to make new copies of the 2 house keys.  BUT I was thinking cookies.  Because I make really, really, (really) good, kick-butt cookies.  And typically, single, older, retired guys like homemade cookies.

It would also be nice to break the ice so that when my daughter waves to him or calls out hello, he would crack a smile.  LOL.  Me too when I'm there... which is only about every 6 months since they usually come to my home, as they live 30 minutes in the opposite direction of pretty much everything (including their jobs, shopping, etc). 

My lost and found keys might be the ice-breaker for him to feel comfortable smiling and waving back and greeting me and my family members - especially them - as they literally live directly across the street from him.  LOL.  I do have about 20 other things on my to-do list though - and I'm not sure if I can fit baking cookies in there, but I'm going to try!  At least get them baked; and then fit in the hour 'back and forth' it will take to drive and drop them off at his house.

It's just the coffee talking.........