It's Just the Coffee Talking: Not the story I meant to tell but I'll get to that one too. This one is the LAST time I left the house (not today's excursion)

If you've followed my blog for any amount time, you'll note that I'm 'that person' that people always seem to talk to, seek out or notice in some way.  This is funny-not-funny since I'm also a person who likes to just be in the shadows, do my own thing and not actually talk to people.  I also love being home so I only go places when I have to and not often.

But, I have that kind of face.  So people talk to me no matter where I go.

It's well known if I am going to run to the store to pick up a package of light bulbs and some cream cheese, I'll come home and be able to tell my husband the entire life story of the woman named MaryLee who moved here 18 months ago from Denver with her family, her son has eczema, her new baby daughter was born 4 months ago and her husband, who loves motorcycles, works for the county and they are having pizza tonight.

In the parking lot I will have met Joe, who thinks it's hilarious all the people do 'pick up' groceries now and can't get out of their cars to walk into the store, but will drive 10 miles to the gym to get some exercise.  He likes Snickers candy bars, allows himself one per day but is out, so he's heading into the store to stock up on a few. He has 7 grandkids and an old dog named Rudy he loves more than any human on earth.

Lola?  She has ovarian cancer but is doing well.  She's thinking she's going to cut back on sugar in her diet.  She doesn't like to shop on Saturdays or Sundays but Tuesdays seem to be nice days to shop.  They are having a good sale on sweet tea today, I should go check it out, and they just restocked the toilet paper so I should pick me up one!

Yep.  All that because I ran to the store for 7 minutes to get light bulbs and cream cheese.

That's just the kind of face I have, the smile that I carry and the kindness I must radiate.

Remember last week when I left the house and ended up baking cookies for a solitary kind of guy who found my keys, and then found me by chance 3 days later, a mile away from that spot, while I was walking on the side of the road looking for my keys?

I don't think I also mentioned that on my way home from dropping the cookies into the plastic tote outside his barricaded home, I stopped to get gas.

Yeah, even just getting gas is always a little different in my world.

I'm getting gas and a car pulls up along side mine and I hear "Excuse me?  Excuse, mam?" 

It was a man driving, with a big fluffy white dog poking his head out the back window.  Both looking at me with anticipation on their faces. 

"Do you live around here?"  he called out.
"Yes I do."
"Have you heard of blahblahblah road?"
"Hmm.  I've heard of it but I'm not sure where it's at exactly.  Just a second."

I left the nozzle in the gas tank and walked just a couple feet closer to him, to the back of my car.  But still a safe distance away.

He was looking for a particular road but Siri wouldn't work for him so he couldn't bring it up on his phone any more and he thought he was about 1/2 mile away?

I told him just a sec and I'd check my phone. (Siri hates our area... she often refuses to work here. This is part of the reason I have 2 phones; with different carriers. One works better than the other locally and is my backup.)

I got my phone and approached his car - but from the back side, and greeted the dog first. 

"Hi sweetie!  Hi boy!"
"He's going to reform school." the man joked.  I smiled.

I asked him the address where he was going and I brought it up on my map.  No, siri doesn't like to work in this area, so I knew he was telling the truth on that.  I brought up the address and laughed a little.

He wasn't JOKING when he said "He's going to reform school" after I greeted his dog.

He really WAS going to a local dog training center in the area!  Ha ha.

It was really tricky to get to, but I was trying to give him directions, we were looking at my phone and finally, I told him it would just easier if I would drive there, and he could follow me.

He was SO incredibly thankful.  His relief was immediate.   I told him not a big deal. And meant it.

I replaced the gas nozzle, got in my car and left the gas station with the man and his dog following.

I went down the street, across the interstate and then veered off that 'tricky' part of the directions that was really hard to explain to him.  About 1/2 mile further, the kennel/training center was on the left.  I put my window down, stuck my arm out and waved as I continued on, and he turned into the dog kennel place.

In the oh, 45 seconds we talked at his car before I led him to the dog kennel, I knew about his dog, his daughter who lived in the big city nearby, that she had brought two of her dogs to this place and really liked it, and that he lived in the city as well and he was so, so very thankful I was willing to show him where to go since his phone didn't get reception here.


Well crap.  THAT was much longer and more ramble-chit-chat than I thought I was going to say and didn't even get to today's story.   (Today was the next time I even went anywhere since then... so yeah, like, literally every time I go anywhere I come home with some kind of story.  I don't understand how people can just run and errand and come home and not have interesting things happen to them or find out the life story of someone).  Bah ha ha.

Let me brew more coffee and I'll come back with another post I guess.

Sometimes my stories get long or I get side-tracked.  Yeah, it's just the coffee talking.

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