It's Just the Coffee Talking: AM version in which we are doing Wednesday "again"

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Yesterday I thought it was Wednesday all day long.  I brought up the date on my phone and the laptop various times just to assure myself it really was only Tuesday.  It was a strong "Wednesday" kind of vibe.   Ends up, it wasn't just me.

I texted another family member last night with a fun comment.  She texted back and mentioned how when she told her little 2 year old he got to come to my house tomorrow when he wakes up, he was SO excited that he insisted on going to bed right then.  It wasn't even 6:30 pm but he was so excited, he went to bed by his own choice.

"Tomorrow?  I thought I was watching him Thursday.  That your appointment was on the 26th?"

"Oh crap.  I thought today was Wednesday."

So, not just me.  But he'll be crushed if he can't come so I might just hang out with a 2 year old today just for fun.  

It's just the coffee talking again...........

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