It's Just the Coffee Talking: a random pop-up on my phone that was entirely in Chinese...

Good Morning coffee friends!

Note to the person who commented on the previous post about trying to use up a random virtual debit card - I replied below with an idea I think would work!

Chit-Chat over Coffee:  This year for Christmas I decided to buy digital photo frames as gifts for both my parents and my father-in-law.  They are the kind of frames that are a super simple set-up and then give you a frame ID number and a frame email address to share with family and friends who can then contribute photos and videos at any time to your frame - even from across the globe.

A couple days ago I was using the app to send batches of pictures from my phone to them when I had a brief and random message pop up on my phone and then quickly disappear.  It looked to be in Chinese.  Hmmm.

I get nervous when weird, random Chinese pop-ups suddenly appear on my phone or computer... especially when they disappear just as quickly.  I happened one more time and I quickly tried to screen-shot it so I could try to translate it later, but it was too quick.  Pop-up and gone.  Poof.

When it happened a third time, I was able to snap a screenshot of it to try to look up later.  I have a very inquisitive mind and I wanted to know why/what it was but also, what it said.  I finally got a chance to translate it yesterday and found out it simply says;  "Sending.  Please try again later." (more or less).

I knew the frames were made in China (what isn't) but they are sold through a big American company here - everything about it, their site, the set-up, etc. is obviously in English.  The app is also entirely in English.  So the funny thing (I thought) was that when they want to show a warning that they are busy trying to send all your photos but getting a bit clogged up, their message is completely and only in Chinese.  :)


It's just the coffee talking again......






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