It's Just the Coffee Talking... still dealing with the new trash company to update their accounting records. Sigh.


Good Morning Coffee Friends!

So, what kind of day is in store for me when I have to take my first coffee break at 7:15 am?  LOL

But I'm breaking and coffee-ing and here I am.

First random thought popping into my head to chit-chat about over coffee.... crappy customer service from our new trash company. 

Regular readers may recall our trash company was bought out by another company in another state last Fall.   I've blogged about this - I think last update was a week or so ago???

Billing is quarterly for both companies.  Got the bill from 'old' company for Fall.  Paid it the first week of November. 
New company started pick-up service December 1st.

My very first bill from the new company?  A discontinuation of service letter for not paying the Fall bill yet.
The bill I paid in November.  My first attempt to contact was that day - I called.  The answer-recording said all the customers from the old company who received this letter, ignore it for now and just pay the new 'current' amount for the next quarter.

So I did.  Current on my trash bill.  But it still shows (in red) OVERDUE for the Fall 2022 'unpaid' bill PLUS an overdue late fee.

Here's the kicker.  I've attempted to get them to correct this SEVEN (7) times in 6 weeks.  My 7th was this morning.

As I stated in another post, I actually paid this bill old-school, by CHECK because I wanted to make sure I had a paper copy.  They ignored my first few contacts.  Then got back to me saying if they had proof of payment they could update.  I sent them proof of payment - the CANCELED CHECK FROM MY BANK.  They said "that may help, we'll see."   My next contact to let them know it hadn't been fixed yet they said, "You might want to check with previous company to make sure they got it."  What the heck do you think a CANCELED BANK CHECK IS?  It's proof they got it.  And cashed it.

The problem is that apparently, the NEW COMPANY has never requested any updated account balances since October 31st.  All November payments before the new company started picking up December 1st seem to be in limbo. 

So I sent the copy of the cashed check again, account numbers, invoice numbers,dates of payment and cashing, as well as the BANK TRANSACTION NUMBER.

And yet the new company can't seem to get their act together.  So this morning, my 7th attempt to get them to update their accounts and remove the incorrect overdue balance and late fee.



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