Lost lanyard.... sad me.


Hi Coffee Friends....

Late to the kitchen table but it's been that kind of day.  Two days actually.  Right after my last post everything kind of went downhill.

The main thing bugging me at this moment is something that I'm sure some of my friends and readers wouldn't really care about - but it's got me in a slump.  Grumpy slump.

I had to run to a family members home to pick up some dog medication they had forgotten to pack for their dog (whom I was dog-sitting for a few days). Drove there (30 minutes from my home) Got the meds and then went back to the car to get the dog in, and to put the little toddler in his car seat.  And we left.

Got home and was busy busy busy.
That night, realized my lanyard with house keys, shopping rewards cards, pharmacy card etc. was not in my purse.

No worries, I figured it was in my car; I probably tossed it on the seat after I put the dog and toddler in the car that morning.  I'd get it the next morning when we got in the car to head to the hospital to see the new baby.

But there was no lanyard on the seat of my car.
Nor was it on the floor, in the console or any other spot I searched.
And searched.  And searched again.

I was sick to my stomach.


And I don't even know for SURE what was on it.  I rarely use it and was busy so I didn't pay attention outside of using the key to the family members house to lock the doors.

After the hospital visit, the little guy was sound asleep in his car seat on the way home so I passed the exit for my house and continued on 10 miles to another exit for the family members home.  I retraced the exact route I took that day coming home and was watching the side of the roads the whole way. 

I stopped at their cul-de-sac corner and walked back and forth in the area.
Stopped another 20-30 feet ahead and did the same.
All the way to their home.
I searched the driveway, the yard, the porch and stairs.  I searched the street in front of their home.  I searched AGAIN at the corner and walked across the road to search the other side. 
Continued this up to the stop sign at the end of their road.

I drove the same way home and tried to go slow and search the edge of the road but I had traffic behind me and had to speed up.  I didn't see anything that looked like a key-ring.

My GUESS is that I placed them on top of the car when I put the little one into his carseat... preoccupied, I walked around the car, got in and left and drove all the way home (a couple roads, a highway, an interstate and more roads).

And that's where my head is at right now.  :(


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