UPDATE to the lost lanyard key post.... And the longer Coffee Talking version

"Found" is the really, really short version.

But let's do a longer version with the weird and many coincidences that led up to that point... got your coffee?

So if you missed the memo, I lost a lanyard with various keys on it including not only my own house key, but the house key of a family member.  I lost it on the 15th when I had to go to a family members home to get some dog medication they had forgotten to pack when they brought their dog (and their child) for me to watch for a couple days while they were busy having another baby at the hospital.  :) 

They live 30 minutes from me, in another town.  It takes an interstate, 2 highways, a county road, a busy city road and a cul-de-sac to get to their house.  When I realized I lost them, I figured I had placed the lanyard on top of my car when I put the toddler in his car seat; and then, preoccupied with the dog and the toddler, got into my car and drove off with them on the top of my car.

Blah blah blah. 

Today - the 18th - 3 days later.

Out of the blue, while busy doing some work on computer, around 1:40 pm I suddenly had the feeling I needed to get a pair of jeans on (I was in crazy, mismatched clothing including short-over-alls) and drive to an area near where I thought I had probably lost the keys.

The feeling was strong enough that while questioning myself, I went to the laundry room, got some jeans, grabbed a jacket and my purse and was out the door. 

It's a 30 minute drive to that area and most of the way there I was questioning myself; and when I wasn't doing that, I was praying.

My prayer was basically just me repeating over and over again, 

"God, I know it's crazy but I really feel like I'm going to find my keys!?  It makes no sense.  It was days ago.  I already searched the most likely places and they weren't there.  But... yeah.  So God, could you just send the Holy Spirit to lead me to where I need to go to find my keys?  I will search for them there, but use your Holy Spirit to tell me where to go? Thanks."

While I drove, I had a specific corner/intersection in mind that I felt I needed to search around. 

It wasn't the first or even second turn I would have made coming from their home (where I was pretty sure I put the keys on top of the car and drove off).  It actually wasn't even NEAR their home.  It was about a mile away.  But... that's where I felt pulled to be.

I came to that area and searched for a place to pull off and park safely.  I spied a small, muddy path that looked like it went to the back of someone's property, and was gated.  I maneuvered my car there, parked, put my purse on the floor in the back, and grabbed my cellphone.  I locked the car and proceeded to walk back and forth on the side of the road.  I made my way up to the intersection.

I crossed the street and walked the right side of the busy county road.
While I walked, searching the side of the road and the ditch, I was praying and laughing at myself.  Again, it was basically "God, I know I'm nuts for being out here looking for my keys but I know I'm going to find them!  I know it!  Just lead me, Lord!  Use your Holy Spirit to lead me to where I need to be go to find my keys!"

Less than a minute later a blue truck pulled over, with an older man asking if I was ok?  I said yes, I was just looking for some lost keys, but thank you!  Literally right behind him, yet another black truck slows down.  I was wondering why he too was stopping when he saw the first truck pulling away?  He was putting his passenger side window down, so I smiled, called out "I'm just looking for my keys..."  and as I looked in the window, there he was holding up MY KEYS.

So in order for this to happen, so many things had to happen at just the right time.

I had to leave my house at that exact time (1:45 pm)
I had to drive 30 minutes away to another town.
I had to NOT drive to the location where I lost them.
I had to NOT drive to the first 2 turns my car would have made (and the keys would have fallen).
I had to be at this intersection on this busy road that was about a MILE AWAY from the family member's home.
I had to park and get out and walk on this exact busy county road at the exact time this man happened to be driving down this road for him to have seen 'a woman walking on the side of the road looking for something".

So he found the keys after I lost them - on the first sharp turn I would have made.  (Where I had returned the next day to search for them but they were already found by that point I think.)

He said he happened to be driving by and saw me - and thought to himself, "I wonder if that woman is looking for those keys I found?"

He apparently went home, got the keys and drove back to where I was.   YES those were my keys!!!  He lives near my family member, so he was driving on the same road I did; where they were lost. 

He told me "I didn't know how I was going to find the owner!"  To which I replied, "God took care of that for you!"

So that's the longer version of "my keys were found".  It's just the coffee talking again.



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