Update to trying to deliver thank you cookies to the key-finder.... what an interesting guy.


Hey Coffee Friends!

Ok... so this is the update to the last post. 

I DID bring cookies.  I got them packaged up nice but in between layers of wrapping to seal them, I tucked in a little THANK YOU note stating I was thankful he found my keys, but also thankful he thought to himself "Maybe that woman is looking for the keys I found" when he saw me on the side of the highway that day....

I did not get to give him the cookies though.

What an interesting guy.

First off, when I arrived and was going to turn into his drive, I realized I was thinking of the wrong house as his.  Right mailbox, but wrong house.

It was misleading as his house is tucked behind a huge tree so it's less noticeable.  Ends up he probably planned it that way.  He does live alone (as far as my family members have been able to tell over the past 2 years as they've never seen any other people but him live there.)  

I drive up and there is no way to get to his front door. 

Like, he has it completely blocked off with a fence, and is using it for storage (?) I don't know what was there, my eyes kind of glazed over as I was trying to figure out how to get to a door.  I know I saw a bunch of propane tanks and totes and I don't know what else.  There was a set of stairs going up to a front porch on the second level with a front door but it was blocked off at the base AND at the top with small fence-like gates so no one can access it. 

Basically you absolutely cannot get to this guys front door - all by design.  He does not want anyone to go to his door.  Period.


I looked out my driver's side window and saw a large plastic tote with lid and a red piece of fabric hanging out of it sitting on the drive about 3 feet from my car.  In huge blood red letters it states it's for MAIL, FED EX AND UPS deliveries. 

Apparently all his mail and deliveries have to go inside this large tote so they won't bother him (and can't, obviously, get to the front door!).  He has a piece of red fabric there that he hangs 'out' of the box for pick ups and leaves inside the box when there is no outgoing.

I felt like I didn't want to just toss the plate of cookies into a large tote on the ground however so I looked up and saw his back door was between his two large garage doors.  It leads into the garage, and then his house (like ours does as well.)  I didn't even get a chance to consider if he would hear me banging on that door or not because I saw it was locked securely and he had written his phone number in huge black letters ON THE DOOR.  

So, like if you want to visit him or get him to answer the door... instead of knocking, you have to call that number.  LOL.

This is a guy who does NOT WANT VISITORS OF ANY TYPE!  Ha.

And... I kind of get that.  Because I hate people coming to my house too.  And yes, I have anxiety when I'm expecting package deliveries, etc. so it's totally relatable!

I grabbed my cellphone and dialed the number, but there is not really any cell service on that street or cul-de-sac.  My phone only works when I'm across the street at my family members home because it connects to their WIFI to boost the signal.  I had no signal at this guys house.

I tried one more time for good measure.

Then I left the cookies and the Thank You note in the large plastic tote.

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