Wednesday's It's Just the Coffee Talking....

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Yesterday afternoon was nice and quiet for about... oh, an hour... before I had more 'things' on my plate. 

Today I've got to try to follow up on a couple of those things, but one of them is dealing with communication with a huge university medical center and communication with large entities rarely moves quickly enough to accomplish what needs to be accomplished!  One of the departments also has a doctor who really should retire; the confusion and miscommunication and memory lapses of this man are... concerning.

Random:  On Monday, I decided to take up water color painting.  Not really 'take up' so much as just getting some water paints and a brush out and starting to paint on some watercolor paper.  I haven't used water paints myself since once or twice back in 4th grade.  I've helped the 2 year old paint a couple times for 'art' time and decided to try it myself.  The past two evenings I've carved out some time before bed to paint a bit while watching an old episode of Friends or a free movie on Vudu and just 'zone out' for a bit. Just one page/photo a night.  We'll see if it 'sticks' but so far I am enjoying it. 

2023 has been a tough year.  It's the first week of January.  Your point?







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